will this work???

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User Info: FIGS117

8 years ago#1
i still hav the original ghost recon 1 for the xbox but 1 want 2 no if i can play it on the xbox 360 elite

will playing such an old game mess up my xbox 360 elite or is it not a good idea to play it on the 360

User Info: destroyer25

8 years ago#2
I have an elite. Both GR1 and Island Thunder work fine. I played online last night and this afternoon. Friday and Saturday nights are the best times to look for games. However voice chat does not work at all on the Xbox 360. People understand though, and won't give you a hard time.
"No, a rip off is you kicking and swinging your arms around while three guys beat you senseless with bike chains and tire irons."- Steve Youngblood

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