grim re-release?

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User Info: Philosoph

6 years ago#1

I can't remember where i heard about this, i think it was a few years ago at lucas arts forums or something. Just wanted to know if anyone here had any information.

Apparently, from what i remember, they were planning on releasing a higher res/polies version compatible windows 7/vista. As i said, i don't know if it's true and was wondering if anyone knew anything more, like release date or even if it's actually real.

User Info: ja_schaffer

6 years ago#2
Rrrgh, didn't hear anything. Just bought a brand new sealed NTSC big box though off Amazon...
This game isn't that hard to get ahold of - and 7's backwards compatibility is amazing. I just got Thief: The Dark Project and the Metal Age running 100%
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