I just got this game for $6.

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  3. I just got this game for $6.

User Info: FlamingEdgeX1

10 years ago#1
Worship me
"Our strategy on PSP has typically been to take the franchises that we build on other platforms and exploit them on the PSP."-EA

User Info: Tanooki_Yoshi

10 years ago#2
*Bows down before FlamingEdgeX1 and kisses his feet*

All hail the mighty FlamingEdgeX1 and his excellent Wave Race deal!
When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.


10 years ago#3
i just got it for $6 at gamestop too

User Info: Taidusu413

10 years ago#4
I got this game when it first came out. Then I sold it for $6
Get your own Teil.

User Info: BingKafei

9 years ago#5
I got it for $1.50, partly because my cousin is the head sound engineer of the game.

User Info: Full_Metal_Alk

9 years ago#6

You beat me but only just. Bought it for $8 the other day.

User Info: ZoomingHuman268

9 years ago#7
4.99 used for me. I don't know if they just wanted to get rid of it or anything.

User Info: skreetpreacha

9 years ago#8
i think i got it for 5 bucks too, played it for a week, then took it back.. not enough courses, and some were brutally hard :-P

User Info: FlamingEdgeX1

9 years ago#9
It is brutally hard, and I beat it.

worship me, again
Playstation 3: No exclusive rated higher than 90%

User Info: Tanooki_Yoshi

9 years ago#10
Aww...again? Ok...

All hail the Wicked Wave Racer, Lord FlamingEdgeX1!

*Bows before FlamingEdgeX1*
"If you see Baby Luigi and Luigi in the same game, try to ignore the temporal paradox." ~ Mario Superstar Baseball
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  3. I just got this game for $6.

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