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User Info: AmishScientist

7 years ago#1
Posted 8/27/2010 3:45:19 PM
message detail

"From: NwodAFometsys121 | #005
Why does everyone hate MLG? I is confused..

They're known for making rules which really hurt competitive play. Have you seen their stage choices for SSB Melee?""


Just saw this from the SC2 boards... I googled and could only find the neutral allowed stages... could anyone clarify? I was probably just learning about the existence of Wavedashing when MLG came by...

User Info: ycz6

7 years ago#2
This, I believe:

I'm not sure what NwodAFometsys121 is talking about. Onett used to be legal, perhaps only for doubles, but other than that...
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User Info: Mecha_Soul

7 years ago#3
green greens counterpick was ****ing awesome
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User Info: 77guru77

7 years ago#4
What do the different colors mean? Some of the stages are half-green...
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User Info: lights_out_ace

7 years ago#5
Top half is singles and lower half is doubles.

User Info: OneWing_Angel

7 years ago#6
Melee isn't even in MLG anymore, so I don't see why it matters.
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User Info: Otaku14

7 years ago#7
MLG also tends to pick terrible games to put in their league.

They actually have a good one now that they've picked up SC2 though lol

User Info: raserucort

7 years ago#8
lolol good old days >_>
You making me dancing.

User Info: SquidlydorfDill

7 years ago#9
even if MLG picked up Melee again I would probably still watch Halo over it

sorry guys
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User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#10
Who doesn't miss Melee on MLG?
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