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User Info: 77guru77

3 years ago#1
So the new smash for the Wii U was played today at the invitational for E3. Any thoughts on how it plays? Hopefully this won't be deleted as off topic; I'm genuinely curious as to how it appears to play in comparison to Melee. The engine reminds me more of Brawl that Melee, but it seemed a bit faster. I couldn't tell how many technical things are present, or even if they were all used.
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User Info: MoneyManACNL

3 years ago#2
Game looked like trash.
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User Info: The_Green_Hat

3 years ago#3
Game looked like trash.
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User Info: MajinSweet4

3 years ago#4
Looks like Brawl 2.0 to me. Really disappointed but mostly expected.
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User Info: IAmNotTyph

3 years ago#5
looks fun to play but not fun to compete in

User Info: runescaper95

3 years ago#6
The game looks incredibly fun with items on. Take them off and it becomes Brawl 2; too slow and too defensive to be played competitively in my opinion.
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User Info: Habefiet

3 years ago#7
This will very probably be deleted for being off-topic

I think it is very, very early to call it Brawl 2.0.

1. The game is very obviously faster than Brawl in general. Evidence: Fox's run/fall speed.
2. Hitstun and other game mechanics have changed such that I saw some real combos in there. PewPewU had some uair chains with Mario, PP did some stuff with Fox, etc. The potential is there.
3. Grand Finals was a nightmare, of course, but that was two defensive players with two floaty characters in a game they have no experience with. Even in Melee, defensive Samus versus defensive Peach or something like that will be going to six minutes minimum and that's in a by-and-large fast-paced game with years of metagame development. A lot of people are treating GFs as the final proof that this game is Brawl v2 when all we proved is that two players famous for defensive play in a situation that neither of them fully understands will have a long game. No duh. I could have told you that no matter what game or franchise we were looking at.
4. Go back and look at some Melee videos from really, really early in the life of the game and it's pretty awful and looks nothing like Melee today (roll-heavy, minimal combos, clunky movement). The players can't be expected to discover an entire metagame in an evening.

IMO the jury was out before today and the jury should still be out following today. I'm neither optimistic nor pessimistic--I'm interested and would like to see more and withhold judgment until the game's mechanics are more fully understood.

User Info: 77guru77

3 years ago#8
Thanks for all the replies.

I definitely see what you are getting at, Habefiet. You bring up a lot of good points. I am far past hoping that the game will be a new Melee (that led to enormous disappointment last time). I simply want something fun. Looks like no tripping or other absurd mechanics (at least so far) so that is a step in the right direction. The character diversity is pretty neat, and the new items and stages look pretty fun in a crazy situation.

I suppose we will just have to wait and see how well it develops as a competitive game as time goes on. The new characters look like tons of fun though.
We 'is called a punch.'

User Info: TheSchref

3 years ago#9
I won't lie, it looked like fun as a party game, but the movement looked really limited compared to Melee (which I guess is expected) and I don't think it has a good chance of being competitive. IMO, it will be more competitive than Brawl, but no where near Melee.

Wavedashing is very obviously out. Players rolled a lot.

I couldn't tell if there was L-Cancelling. I doubt there was.

I didn't even see players Dashdancing, so I don't know if that is out or if people just weren't doing it in the FFAs.

User Info: MajinSweet4

3 years ago#10
A few players tried to dashdance. HBox did after taking the first stock in gf iirc. It's basically the super tight Brawl dashdance that is essentially useless.
Fighting games man, it's like, damn that's good.

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