Did this game ever manage to scare you in anyway?

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  3. Did this game ever manage to scare you in anyway?

User Info: SlayerDude4462

9 years ago#11
For some reason, the old knitting ghost really scared the crap out of me. When I walked into the room, I was like "Huh, that's kinda cool, nothing in here." Then I see her and think, "She's not attacking me or anything, sweet." Then I knocked over the yarn balls and she started chasing me around. It surprised me so much that I just bolted out of the room without attempting to catch her.
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User Info: Mthd2TheMadness

9 years ago#12
6 years ago, the 2nd boss scared the ba-jesus out of me, and today it's still pretty creepy
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User Info: viral

9 years ago#13
None in the lease, but I can still appreciate how spooky it is.
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User Info: nerdunderdog

9 years ago#14
Perfect symmetry. The blackout happens, then my houses power goes out. I hide under the couch. And whenever those doors go wawawawawawawa CRACK! creeps me out.

User Info: Ilikia

9 years ago#15
I am mostly afraid of everything so my opinion may not matter. I was scared of that one butler who walked around the halls, I was afraid of the glutton(in EVERY aspect of his character), and when you are battling the soldiers(mostly because I died a lot from them). Mostly the game was scary for though...
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  3. Did this game ever manage to scare you in anyway?

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