Sequel for DS.

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User Info: GenoStrike

9 years ago#1
XxX~No You~XxX
I'm so awesome I can do that.

User Info: jessmpro33

9 years ago#2
i seriously hope thats real cuz that would be AWSOME!

User Info: Saracens17

9 years ago#3
That would be pretty cool. It's probably not real, though.
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User Info: rehaz5

9 years ago#4
I am Sega Ninja
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User Info: Mark86h

9 years ago#5
We want a Wii sequel.
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User Info: prinzenick

9 years ago#6
I just played and finished this game again a few days ago, and i'm currently trying to complete the hidden mansion mode. And while this game is short and easy (But not nearly as easy or short as SML2: Six golden coins for the Game Boy...) it's still a blast to play while it lasts. And if they did make a sequel for the DS, i'd think about trying it out since this game is pretty fun.

Luigi's Mansion: Ghostly Touch...not a bad name for a DS sequel title...

User Info: Painmaster212

9 years ago#7
Would be sweet if it was real cause they need make another solo game for luigi on either the ds or wii.

User Info: gman9911

9 years ago#8
Since the game has not been created yet, they would not have that rating on the side that says "E" for everyone. They usually only have that up after it has been fully announced and ready to distribute to the market. It does look kind of edited, or Nintendo just sucks at making a case cover. I want to see a back picture, and Nintendo announcements, etc, before I get hyped over hopefully something.
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User Info: __HcL__

9 years ago#9
I think it is probably fake, that is a reused render of luigi and the ghosts... not to mention that games hardly ever show their box art as their first screen shot

User Info: davywavy99

9 years ago#10
Well there's always "Super Luigi Galaxy!"
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