Another Ghost?..

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User Info: TeddySharonz

9 years ago#1
There Is 23 right?, well... Once, I went to my cousins house she asked me to try to beat it, I was like "Sure." so. then I'm going through the game and then there this girl shes upside down on her bed and you have to fight her. BUT, HERES THE ODD PART.. I played ( and almost beat, i just beat it today! :) ) like 8 times! (I Love Luigi's Mansion. ) and I've never when into that room ever never beat her or anything. its odd, but i might have ONCE? I'm not sure.... Well! it would help to explain I'm very confused.. Thanks!

User Info: jumpman360

9 years ago#2
Ever hear of an easter egg, genius. You don't have to beat her to beat the game.

User Info: Drennan13

9 years ago#3
wow......dude everyone knows about this
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