What's wrong with this game?

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User Info: MarioLuigi25

9 years ago#1

I own this game and I didn't find anything wrong with this game at all. I loved this game, and not only because this is one of the few games that Luigi stars in. Why does everybody put this game down?

User Info: Graemecracker13

9 years ago#2
i actually enjoyed that game, I'm actually doing it over......now only if I could remember what to do during the blackout. I can't find any keys.
5 year olds really shouldn't be playing M rated games....but for some reason they do anyway.

User Info: Graemecracker13

9 years ago#3
never mind, finished it.
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User Info: Kenny18

9 years ago#4
this game is freaking epic!
i think i'll start another playthrough tonight :D
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User Info: sdgamespot

9 years ago#5
i just finished it yesterday for the first time since its launch. i neglected this title for a loooooong time, but i picked it up at EB Games for $4.99. Boy, i would of paid $20 for the quality i got outta this gem. i love this game. it's not as hard as i recall it to be, but i found it challenging enough not to be a breeze. good game.
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User Info: Gaiko

9 years ago#6
I have heard people complain about it being too short, but it seems reasonable enough to me. I might just play it again soon, we'll see.
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User Info: Koopa_Troopa92

9 years ago#7
I just got the game for my wii and I love it too bad I died from the large ghost that only eats food and spits fire. (I don't have a SD card yet)
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