Luigi is on drugs.

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User Info: catfriedrice

9 years ago#1
Am I right or am I right.
Life is just a dream you know
That's never ending

User Info: jessmpro33

9 years ago#2
no..... actually i always thought he had some strange leg problem that was never fixed...

User Info: MarioLuigi25

9 years ago#3
Hey, don't talk about Luigi like that!! He's one of the best characters in the Mario series!!

User Info: Drennan13

9 years ago#4
correction: he is THE best
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User Info: DemonTerror

9 years ago#5
o.O @ TC

So true about him being the best.
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User Info: jessmpro33

9 years ago#6
I'm not making fun of Luigi... I like him its just that to me the animators gave him a leg problem..
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  3. Luigi is on drugs.

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