shower ghost

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User Info: uhhtroy

9 years ago#1
forget her name, its been a few months since ive last played this game again

but i would be in the hidden mansion, going threw to get all golds like i usually do, and for some odd reason, that ghost in the shower that you have to freeze first in order to get her to show her heart, on the last section of the game, she wont give me a gold, i would get her in one suck everytime, then go beat the game, and notice she was a silver everytime, i think i tried 5 times beating everything from her on until the end of the game, i gave up out of frustration

whats goin on with this? i would suck her up in one go, and never take any damage, shes the only ghost this has ever happend to me with
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User Info: DemonTerror

9 years ago#2
Miss Petunia IIRC.
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User Info: paper_olimar

9 years ago#3

1.) You're best chances are to get her up in one suck.
2.) Try not to make it so much of a hassle. (Don't let her pull you around, so you lose hp.)
3.) Be absolutely sure to collect all of the pearls that she leaves behind.

The same goes for all the other potrait ghosts.
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