My opinion on Reviews of this game.

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User Info: MegaPikminFan

9 years ago#1
Ok, so I have played through this game and completed it 100% and I must say I love it. There is one thing that I have seen in multiple reviews though that is starting to bother me. I'll give you an example. X-Play said: " An ok game, but did not live up to the expectations of other Mario games." I hate this, because LUIGI's Mansion is supposed to be anything other than a Mario game! I hate how Nintendo BLATANTLY suggested the fact that this was a completely new story and was allowing Luigi to shine and make a fresh new game, but people are actually angry that Nintendo did what they were trying to do in the first place, and that was NOT to make a Mario game. So if anyone thinks that this game deserves less than an eight because it is NOT a Mario game, then you are wrong, this game Deserves MORE because it is NOT a Mario game. End of Story.
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User Info: Smashman45

9 years ago#2
Uhh, calm down dude. Not everyone's gonna give the game a high score because Luigi's the main character. This game is very good though.

User Info: jessmpro33

9 years ago#3
actually i think Luigi deserves more of his own spotlight, and needs to stop being shoved into the second player only to be unlocked by compleatly beating the game, or having to do some task in order to unlock him.

User Info: Koopa_Troopa92

9 years ago#4
I agree Luigi's Mansion is a completely different game it's not Mario's Mansion and since Luigi is never out saving the day it seems that he would have gained a few pounds. He needs more games.
"What do they feed you Mario Bros. anyway gullible soup?" King Boo - Luigi's Mansion
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