45/50 Boos?

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User Info: spongeliv

8 years ago#1
Hey guys! I recently replayed Luigi's Mansion again. Great game, forgot how fun it was. Anyway at the end of the game it said I only had 45/50 Boos. Am I forgetting something? Am I missing five other Boos, or does King Boo count as the other five? Thanks!

User Info: unltimategamerf

8 years ago#2
Nope your missing some. I just beat the game with 49/50 boos and I thought King Boo would count as the last one. He doesn't though. So missed on as well.
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User Info: spongeliv

8 years ago#3
Oh okay, guess I'll have to play the game again! Thanks for the speedy reply.

User Info: tomloadsadosh

8 years ago#4
I got all 50 on my first playthrough.

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