Luigi's shadow being hung?

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User Info: DeityFarore

8 years ago#1
I heard about this so i thought i would try it out and it turns out to be true!

Go to the telephone room and answer the phone and then don't press anything. After the lighting strikes you should see a shadow of luigi hanging, creepy stuff..

So has anyone else heard about this?

User Info: Gravidef

8 years ago#2
Yes. It's a pretty popular topic. There are some "theories" on Youtube about it; you can also see a screenshot of the image under "Images." It's definitely weird!
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User Info: gamer_boy997

8 years ago#3
I honestly don't think it's Luigi being hung. It looks more like Luigi standing in mid-air.

Also, the "noose" around Luigi's neck is the shadow of his Game Boy Color thing and his flashlight. That's why I don't think it's him being hung.
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User Info: iz3820

8 years ago#4
^ I agree with your sig.
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User Info: SmokePilot

8 years ago#5
I think some things are better left unknown...
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