How EXACTLY do you use the vacuum?

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User Info: Yoshiodo

6 years ago#1
Some guides say pull the control stick and c-stick away from the enemy, while others say pull the control stick away and push the c-stick towards the enemy. Some guides don't even mention the c-stick. Also, when pulling away, do you pull in the direction opposite the ghost is facing, or opposite of the way Luigi is facing?

Please explain exactly how to vacuum correctly. Thanks.
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User Info: MoonXIII

6 years ago#2
To use the Poltergust 3000 effectively, you'll have to tilt the C-Stick towards Luigi. Since the ghosts usually move around frantically, you have to continue moving the C-Stick so that it keeps pointing towards Luigi and matches the direction the vaccum is sucking in. The control stick is simply used to move Luigi so you can steer away from any obstacles that could make the Poltergust 3000 lose its hold on the ghost.
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User Info: MegamanXfan21xx

6 years ago#3
Take it from someone who's beaten the game over 60 times and has a high score of over 139,000,000 G, pull the c-stick AWAY from the ghost.
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User Info: DarkMark640

6 years ago#4
You just gotta use the control and the c stick together effectively. It takes practice, which is why you have E gadd's very own practice room.
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User Info: Crums44

6 years ago#5
Well, I'm still not sure what the c stick had to do with it at all. I only really use it to target the ghost and reveal the heart, or to prepare a good angle to start sucking.

During the actual fight I just direct the joystick to the opposite direction of the ghost as best I can, and that hasn't let me down so far. In the regular mansion it's hard to capture portrait ghosts and blue/green ghosts in one attempt, but in the hidden mansion it is ALOT faster, easier and more exciting, especially since the rooms have so much more ghosts and you can suck up to 5 at once in some areas
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  3. How EXACTLY do you use the vacuum?

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