Ceiling Glitch

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User Info: YumeKitsune4

6 years ago#1
I'm playing though Luigi's Mansion on the Gamecube disc but using my Wii and had a weird glitch I thought I'd share.

While in the dining room where you get the Ice Element, I walked to the right to hit the flip switch to get on the ceiling, no problems there. Then I walked to the pad to put me on the table however, instead of flipping me down, it flipped me up a second time, and I ended up on the Balcony, and tripping the 50 Boo boss fight. Both doors were locked and I didn't have any ice to fight them with. It was not good times, lol.

Just thought I'd share, rofl

User Info: Wario_man

6 years ago#2
It was all part of their evil scheme.
All your children are poor unfortunate victims of systems beyond their control, a plague upon your ignorance and the gray despair of your ugly life.

User Info: DarkMark640

6 years ago#3
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