Luigis mansion 2 announced!

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User Info: HolyWhitemage

6 years ago#11
I don't think This game will be the same as the original
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User Info: ItsaMeMariooo

6 years ago#12
pro_gamer19 posted...
dancingbeatle posted...
I wonder who needs his help in this game.

Since he is working multiple mansions this time around, maybe he has his own ghostbusting business alongside E. Gadd? That's my only guess.

Either that, or they do the "princess is in another castle" ploy, where he has to save mario or something and at the end of each he is told mario is in another mansion lol

And to the poster above me, of course its different! They confirmed that it isn't a simple rehash, it is a whole new game.
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User Info: 0Nintendo0

6 years ago#13
Ideas of why there are multiple mansions:

-Maybe word got out that Luigi was "brave" enough to save his brother by eliminating every ghost in a haunted mansion,and they all thought that he could cleanse others just as easily.

-There could be relics,artifacts,etc. that Professor Elvin Gadd needs Luigi to find inside different mansions.

-E. Gadd could be looking for something that he knows has to be in one of a few different mansions.

Also,I thought of an idea for where a Luigi's Mansion could take place-in Coconut Mall,the course on Mario Kart Wii.You would have to eliminate the ghosts inside and outside the mall("outside" including:at other places like Daisy's Cruise Ship or Peach's Castle,or literally outside of the mall building.I finished LM2 Ideas long ago,I have all the ghosts,the story,etc.I'm glad there's a topic on this!
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User Info: Mariothegirl

6 years ago#14
I can't wait... Unfortunately, I lack the 3ds oh well... Can't get everything.

User Info: rubylicious25

6 years ago#15
If anyone is still following this topic, the e3 demo shows Gadd giving Luigi special "missions"...what doy think that means?
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User Info: poolshark173

6 years ago#16
I read someone say somewhere (not in this topic) that Luigi DOES become a professional ghost hunter, but that doesnt seem to fit in with Luigis character (not that I really liked how nintendo depicted him after Luigis Mansion 1 and Superstar Saga), I mean, who would take up a job working with (or against) something they're terrified of?
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User Info: 0Nintendo0

6 years ago#17
I lack a 3DS as well......I had $250,but it soon became out of my reach....... ;(
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User Info: huntie201

6 years ago#18
You go to diferent Mansions now instead of areas but KING BOO RETURNS!!!!!!!!! IT'S CONFIRMED THAT HE'S IN IT! It shows him at the end of the demo.

All of the demo:

Part 1(Explains storyline and plays beginning):

Part 2:

Part 3(Boss and end of demo):
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