Pikmin 1 vs. Pikmin 2?

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User Info: platypusrme427

10 years ago#1
Is it worth playing both games or just one in particular. Also, would the order of which they are played really matter?

User Info: BadInfluence376

10 years ago#2
Not really.
They are both amazing games though.
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User Info: Gash424

10 years ago#3
Yeah, they're both definitley worth playing, and they're both great. If you have a choice though, it couldn't hurt to play them in chronilogical order (1 then 2). But if you're able to get 2 first, then it really won't matter.

User Info: Jared Sol

Jared Sol
10 years ago#4
Both, they're just too different.

Pikmin 1 is more centered around breeding many pikmin and finding all the ship parts against a ticking clock, and the puzzles are slightly different (no poison, electric or purple pikmin puzzles) and enemies are harder to kill.

Pikmin 2 has better, more lfuid controls and AI, but since you spend most of your time in time-limitless caves or on a rather enemy-free overworld, ou can't produce as many pikmin as before, but it doesn't detract.

They're just too different, but if you were to choose one and only one, i'd recommend 2. More pikmin types, better AI, 200 treasures as opposed to 30 ship parts and a much larger area to explore makes it slightly more purchase-worthy than Pikmin 1.
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User Info: Toz

10 years ago#5
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User Info: _Easy_Going_

9 years ago#6
they are both well worth playing, If you only have enough money for one game, here is the difference between the two of em. pikmin 1 is a true challenge, you are timed and the first few times you play, you will likely loose, its all about trial and error in pikmin. while pikmin 2 is a fairly easy dungeon crawler based game, the premise of the game is to collect things, you will find most of the items while going through a dungeon, to pay off a debt, you have all the time in the world so its not much of a challenge. It has terrific boss fights at the end of a dungeon that really pay off for the rather tedious feat of getting through the dungeon

User Info: v0lc4n0_99

9 years ago#7
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User Info: chaos5fanatic

9 years ago#8
I don't know. The one thing that struck me as mildly irritating was in the switch from Pikmin 1 to Pikmin 2, different colors of pikmin went from having sort of unique personalities to being "okay now we have this element which is identical to this other element except we need a different type of pikmin to get rid of it."

That is, pikmin 1 had three very unique different types of pikmin. The red pikmin were resistant to fire: a very uncommon hazard, for one thing, but also a more... dicey, shall we say, hazard. That is, in one level, you have to send pikmin over a narrow walkway with flames. You can avoid the flames with other colors, it's just more annoying. Also, reds were much stronger, and probably more plentiful considering you start the game with them.

Blues were resistant to water: water was something that didn't spurt out at you like fire, it just stayed where it was. It wasn't particularly dangerous for the most part, it just threw a wrench in your works. Like, you see water, you can't go on, you need blues. Also, there was a lot of water in the game: all five levels have water to some extent, and in two levels the entire landscape is covered it in. Compare that to fire: it makes no appearance in the first two levels (I believe this is true, idk for sure about forest of hope) and I don't think it appears in level four, either.

Yellows were drastically different than the other two. They weren't resistant to anything at all, but they could wield bomb-rocks to throw at walls. But stone walls were much different than the other blockades: fire was more of a hazard, whereas water was a permanent blockade, but stone walls were only a problem once, and then they never came back. Also, you could throw them higher, but that didn't come up quite so often.

In the second game, it really came all about elements, and the colors lost a definite feel of uniqueness. Red was fire, blue was water, yellow electricity (and they lost the bomb rocks!) and white was poison. Oh, and purple was weight. They all had a way of disabling their elements, too: you can drain lakes, shut off flames, destroy electric shockers, and turn off the gas.

Still, there is some uniqueness, and the game has a much more leisurely feel. It's still a lot of fun and the dungeons are an interesting touch, although they take away from the overworld appeal the first game had. The loss of a time limit is nice, though.

Overall, I suppose the first is more classic whereas the second is more laid back. I'd recommend the first if you had to choose but they are both really good, so get both if you can. (First one first, though, you'll get some things in the second that you wouldn't have otherwise: level two in the second is the same as level two in the first game, and the perplexing pool (level three) is the same as the distant spring (level four.))

Also, the second loses a feeling of growing numbers of pikmin that was really nice to the first one, because you spend so much time underground. Although, in exchange, you do get some very nice boss battles in the second. There aren't really any clearly defined bosses in the first game aside from the final one, but there are some really nasty enemies. (I'm looking at YOU, burrowing snagrets. Don't make me relive the snagret hole in the second game... shudder... go away, stupid birds!)

User Info: seismic_floss

9 years ago#9
annoying bird! i am the great OLIMAR!
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User Info: Kyotin

9 years ago#10
If you're a fan of product placement, it's two all the way. Seriously, how desperate were they?
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