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User Info: drngin

8 years ago#1
I found my game of Animal Crossing in my closet in a box. I started playing again. Not forgetting everything about this game because it is addicting and memorable. Anyways, I keep coming across letters from my villagers saying they don't understand my letters.
I am pretty decent with writing letters in real life and in the game but they find it inefficient or an eyesore to read even though a letter will say: "Gwen, for being a great friend here is an apple." She will write to me saying mean stuff.
Anyways, my goal is to send them items and get a item back *such as non-native fruit* in the mail. Since i don't have two memories cards to grab the fruits I have to suffer from working around town (which isn't bad, it is actually fun because it seems to be some weird drama), and mailing to villagers.
Anyways, what are some short simple writing letters that I can use? List a few from sending a plain letter to sending a letter with a gift.

User Info: ytrewq234

8 years ago#2
Use words that are:
Anything you can have in your inventory
5 lines(6 works okay too)
And never write randomly.
Your keyboard is broken.
Press any key to continue.

User Info: drngin

8 years ago#3
What are some letters that you have used?

I have written to Kiki saying:
"Dear Kiki,
You are a lucky cat for winning the fishing contest. I wish I had your mad fishing skills. Your Jealous Friend, Preview"

And he writes back no understanding my letter. I know these animals only use spell check but my words are correct. -.-' they are hard to please.

User Info: Kittyangel44

8 years ago#4
You do not have to use any keywords, names of items in your inventory, etc. The more frequently you write, the more they will 'understand' them but the animals cannot comprehend a word you write. The key is to use every line, short sentences (3-4 words), punctuation, and write frequently. This works every time. Take your hint from the letters they write you.

I write the same thing over and over just because I don't have to think about what to write and get great responses as well as great gifts.

A typical letter I write:

Hey good buddy/girlfriend!
How are you?
Let's go fishing.
When is your birthday?
You stink.
Please write back.
"You can't fix stupid" -- Ron White

User Info: drngin

8 years ago#5
Kitty that is a great idea!

I have written, and I have repeatedly saying:

"I love you." But every two has a different punctuation. I love it because I just use the arrow pad to go do. For example: I will first type in the letter "I" then space and finally press down on the down pad. And keep pressing
I and leaving a space until all 6 lines are filled. On the last line i type in the letter L and then press up. I keep doing this
until I have typed in "I love you." It goes really quick. Well, I am waiting until I get those letters back because I am experimenting.

Previously, I had written a letter that was exactly the same way a letter from an animal has written me. And it worked. A lot of worked, but i am hoping the "I love you" Statements will work.

(I want a foreign fruit!!!)
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