The Golden Tree Conundrum

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User Info: marshsun

6 years ago#1
Hello everyone. :)

I'm in the process of sprucing up my town, and I have several spots in mind where I would like a golden tree to appear. (Remember that golden trees are produced by burying a shovel in the glowy spot.) In order to influence the location of the glowy spot so that it appears where I want it to, I have placed 100 bell money bags in every spot in town other than the spaces I want the glowy spot to appear EXCEPT the well acre, the lake acre, near sign posts, and in the dump. My experience has shown that no glowy spots will ever appear in these areas anyway.

So here's my problem. Despite the fact that the only spaces a glowy spot can appear are in three spaces I have left open, the glowy spot never seems to appear there. These spaces are located in: 1) the dump acre, outside of the dump proper 2) the Museum acre 3) acre D-2 next to a waterfall, near another golden tree which has already grown.

I had previously planted a tree in each of these three spots, so I know a tree is capable of growing there. I believe that the reason nothing is appearing in the D-2 spot is because the golden tree planted near it seems to cover up the space. I believe that the game will not generate anything in a space that is being hidden from view by a tree or building. This means that I have to cut down the gold tree that is already grown and wait for the glowy spot to appear in the spot that is further north first, this way the tree in front does not cover the spot that is behind it.

As for the other two spots, I'm rather confused. I always seem to get a weed growing in the dump spot, and there is almost always a fossil in the Museum spot. I clear both of these spots with my initial character and then load up my second character. Remember that each character will see his own glowy spot. But for whatever reason, there's no glowy spot for my additional characters! Anywhere! I can't find a glowy spot in town for them at all! I don't find a glowy spot for my initial character either! I've even looked in the lake and well acres, but there's nothing! Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

User Info: Vdashone

6 years ago#2
I can't recall anything about the game placing more than one 'spot' a day, even if you play more than one character. As to why it isn't spawning them in your desired spots, no idea.

User Info: MegamanXfan21xx

6 years ago#3
I think you should leave a few spots open in one acre to allow for the weeds and buried items.
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User Info: Kittyangel44

6 years ago#4
I agree with Mega - leave a few spots open in each agree. As for spots appearing for each character, they do and should. Maybe by opening more spots, that will happen.
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User Info: Yellowtree

6 years ago#5
What I do is plant flowers on spots where trees can't grow. This saves me money. Also, in case if you weren't aware, you can only grow one golden tree at a time. So only plant one golden tree a day so that you can save some shovels.

But I have a question. What happens when you bury a golden shovel in a glowing spot?
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User Info: MegamanXfan21xx

6 years ago#6
^ Nothing. The golden shovel just becomes buried.
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User Info: qkara

6 years ago#7
Actually, you CAN have more than one golden tree growing at a time.....
for all the years I've had the game I - amazingly - never even thought to try it until recently
and even then... I thought - "guess it doesn't work" after a few failures with the first few attempts.

But then on another attempt it finally happened and now one of my towns has two big healthy golden trees that grew at the same time and not too far from each other.

So, you can play one of your "human" characters and bury a golden shovel and then have another "human" character do the same and if you're lucky you'll end up with more than one golden tree that were "born" on the same day. Just try to remember to be careful if you love to time travel like I do so that you don't mess up any trees you want to grow up big and healthy. (It's also possible to get little trees or worse the tree won't grow so...)
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