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Windows 7

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User Info: BigTeddy44KJD

5 years ago#1
Okay so I just got this in the Star Wars The best of Pc edtion and I can't get it to work it keeps showing the error message: "could not load OpenGL subsystem"
and with Kotor it keeps saying "stopped working" everytime I start up the game.
And with Battlefront, Empire at War, and Republic Commando are actually working. And also my battlefront 2 is having trouble installing on the fourth disk.... so what can i do to fix this?
Xbox live gamertag: " Kyle Phantom "

User Info: futureTrunks374

5 years ago#2
What kind of Graphics card do you have? I know that I needed to update my Ati graphic's card driver to get kotor and outcast to work.
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User Info: smeghead83

5 years ago#3

do this and the game should work for ya :D



User Info: BigTeddy44KJD

5 years ago#4
Won't work for Kotor :/
Xbox live gamertag: " Kyle Phantom "

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