~Sephiroth Strategy/Gummi Ship Tutorial/Final Mix Details INSIDE!~ *Spoilers*

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User Info: SexyBandit666

11 years ago#191
That's because when that guide came out, it was at the time official that he said Sin Harvest (And the guide is kinda dumb...). Well, it was pretty much confirmed that he says Descend Heartless Angel. KH2 proves this as well.

On other news: How the heck did I go from DARKBandit666 to SEXYBandit666? D:

User Info: videogameman24

11 years ago#192
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User Info: DeathBlitz

11 years ago#193
I just beat Sephiroth for my first time! And must i say this helped lots. And the youtube video. :)

Such a great feeling, I barely noticed his HP, it just scares me. I got the guy down to green and thats when I realised I actually did some major damage, by that time I only got effected by Sin Harvest Angel, (Don't kno why you called it something starting with D heartless angel O_O) and yeah, that was the real threat when he unleashed random meteors around the field, I used Aerora, blocked some and I remembered a big on was coming I used Strike Raid! I randomly attacked when necacerry, and healed lots because these black orb thingies... and used an Elixer, my third and final one, and now he has green and using omnislash repeteadly! Well I countered with continuously with Strike Raid.

User Info: REfan1987

11 years ago#194
Actually you REALLY don't want to have High Jump on when fighting Sephiroth. Sora jumps too high and never hits him. You get a LOT more hits in when you use the regular jump, try it. 

User Info: Tikalchao

11 years ago#195
I need to correct something. You should equip all elixers if you can. Only equip ethers if you don't have enough elixers. If you use an ether and then Curaga, he might kill you for not healing in time. Also, if you can, use the elixer when the halo appears if you can. That way, Sora will use it, get hit by DHA, and then be healed.
Ha ha! You just wasted a few seconds of your precious life to read this!

User Info: Karin18

11 years ago#196
So I finally beat Sephiroth and the Ice Titan today...and I don't GET ANYTHING???

Those freakin' battles took me like, 30 minutes each and I don't get crap.

Did this disappoint anyone else?
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User Info: tkscjt

11 years ago#197
hi i could use your help.... i am stuck i finished the cave of wonders and have bambi and one gummi navi-g piece i spoke to sid who said i need two gummi pieces in order to go to the next level which would be monstro can you give any help plz.

User Info: Rikkka66

11 years ago#198
You're really annoying.
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User Info: showoffmob2

11 years ago#199
Yup. Blame his bad VA in this game.

In KH2, you hear it in a much clearer voice. ;)

Which is why, in my opinion, the VA for Sephiroth in KH2 sucks, his voice is not dark and evil enough... It's to damn loud (I dislike Cloud's voice as well... Shouldn't have watched advent children in japanese, it brought my expectations up...)
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User Info: frerich

11 years ago#200
my brain is leaking/twiching/broken/all three at once
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