~Sephiroth Strategy/Gummi Ship Tutorial/Final Mix Details INSIDE!~ *Spoilers*

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User Info: semistupid

10 years ago#232
No, This is not Final Fantasy VII, this is Kingdom Hearts.

I'm quite aware of that, but I KNOW there is a scene of Cloud fighting Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 1, and my friend who goes by the name of AdventAngelKadaj on Youtube said to see that, I just have to beat Sephiroth, and now I learn that I DON'T see that if I beat Sephiroth?

Also, I have my volume turned up pretty loud, I just can't hear him. Once I turned it down a little bit, I could hear him saying "Descend Heartless Angel" (sounds NOTHING like Sin Harvest) it just blends with the song easily when the volume is turned up loud enough.

I got Sephiroth pretty much good on Phase 2 now, I just didn't expect him to use Omnislash so soon, lol, so he killed me there... I figure the more I play him the easier it will be to stop him easily. If only I had more MP, this fight would be a lot easier... I have plenty, but when I accidentally find myself stuck in the middle of Flame Pillar, Ars Arcanum cuts a gash in my MP.

I'd also like to say that for Phase 1, I think a good strategy would be to attack him after he uses Flame Pillar, because he always strikes once on the first one, then ou hit him with three hits, he does a second flame pillar, then strikes twice, you hit him three times, he does flame pillar, then he strikes twice again, and you go to hit him, and he teleports. Works for me...
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User Info: doubledual22

10 years ago#233
hey i was wondering if any new chests have appeared in FM or have been moved around if so i would like to kno where they are

User Info: Kira0987

10 years ago#234
Sephiroth is arguably the hardest boss in this game. I'm not a big fan of gummi ships either, though they become much more fun in KH2
this was a good guide
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User Info: KH_ownage_15

10 years ago#236
My friend was palying kingdom hearts at my house while i was doing something else, i got the full gummi collection from pongo and that stuff, i come back from what i was doing and he made like the ultimate gummi ship... i was like holy...

User Info: starmasta

10 years ago#237
This has all probably been said, but i can't be stufed to go through 12 pages of messages
1 - When he uses Omnislash, you can just Guard over and over, and if your lucky, won't get hit at all.
2 - Isn't it just called Meteor? And when he uses it, you can High Jump over the regular meteors
3 - He has another attack called Meteor Sweep, don't know how that works. He jumps forward and slashes, then quickly jumps back, and darkness balls will be on the path that his blade went.
4 - You can avoid a lot of damage from all his attacks just through abusing Guard (with the exception of Descend Heartless Angel)
5 - He sounds to me like he's saying Sing Heartless Angel not Descend Heartless Angel
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User Info: Steiner66

10 years ago#240
Maybe people wants to have a sense of accomplishment when beating something in a video game.
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