Finding a Blaze Shard late in the game?

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User Info: CrashMog

8 years ago#1
Forgot to keep up my synthesis through the game, now I'm at the very end and need a few Blaze Shards. I know they drop from Red Nocturnes, but I can't find any anywhere. Wonderland has Blue Rhapsodies, Yellow Operas, and Green Requiems out the wazoo, but I can't track down what I need. Is there any specific spot to farm these, or did I wait too late in the game?

User Info: tiomasta

8 years ago#2
There will always be some spawns of everything, you can't miss an item.

I think that the red mages appear in that room in which you fought Trickmaster, when you're small.
Maybe go to that room from the doors in the forest, I remember finding some from that.

User Info: Enclave

8 years ago#3
Aren't they in one of the rooms in the hotel at Traverse Town?
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User Info: Liquid_Alcohol

8 years ago#4
Try Agrabah. The turban soldiers and big guys drop them.

User Info: CrashMog

8 years ago#5
The Agrabah guys drop Blaze Gems, not Shards. And no, they're not in Traverse Town anymore - now it's all Darkballs and Wyverns and crap.

But! I found some in Hollow Bastion, outside on the balconies. So thanks.

User Info: Michellangelo

8 years ago#6
If I remember correctly I think at least 2/3 groups of 4-6 nocturnes spawn in traverse town. I'm pretty sure a group appears in front of the dalmation house in district 2 ( I'm just about to enter hollow bastion btw).

One blizzard spell and it's easy pickin.
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