***SPOILERS (maybe)*** Where did you find the Defender shield?

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User Info: shocker8888888

7 years ago#1
I put Lucky Strike as an ability for Sora, Donald, and Goofy and I am using the Lady Luck Keyblade, yet I still can't get a shield from a Defender. Any tips?

User Info: KathrynsDad

7 years ago#2
I wasn't even looking, didn't realize what it was, and was checking the inventory when I saw I had four. I like to grind from the lobby of Hollow Bastion and I'm pretty sure I got them there. I know for sure that I got one just past the chapel, on the stairs that lead to the portal.

User Info: Hirokey123

7 years ago#3
I was going to get lady luck from Wonderland and I got lost and ended up on the ceiling of the bizarre room and there a bunch of defenders attacked me and I killed them and got the defender shield.
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User Info: falconesque

7 years ago#4
From a defender heartless, anywhere. Last time, the lone defender down in Hollow Bastion's Base Level dropped one. The 78th defender as I recall, a pleasant surprise, since that number commonly runs into several hundreds.

Weapons in KH don't have abilities. Lady Luck doesn't stack on another Lucky Strike, though its +2MP is very nice for hitting defenders with thundaga.

If you're obsessed with getting one now, one quick 'n dirty grind in Traverse Town is to enter the Third District, clear out the center, return to First District, superglide over to the Item Shop, enter, exit, and repeat. Depending on your skills and equipment, takes as little as two minutes each pass. (12MP recommended.)
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User Info: SinisterSandman

7 years ago#5
I finally checked out the Lady and the Tramp mural in Traverse Town. Can't believe I missed it.

On a side-note, I used my sister's game save to check it out as it was conveniently saved in the Accessory Shop... I went from the Accessory shop to the First District and straight into the Third District. I cleared out a few choice Heartless, most of them Defenders, and one of them dropped a Defender Shield, while another dropped a Bright Crystal. Neither of which were already in my sister's stock of items.

I checked out the mural (pretty cool), and asked my sister if she wanted me to save the game.

She almost said no.

FYI: This is almost directly quoted from another topic, although the post is still mine.
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User Info: CorbinSchmorbin

7 years ago#6
I just got 2 in traverse town. One after 115 defenders and other after 180 total. Then I got another one in world terminus after a total of 266.

AND.... I got a wizard's relic after 105 wizards. I am having a lucky playthrough.
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User Info: Moomba33

7 years ago#7
I usually get both the defender shield and wizard relic in Traverse Town, while farming crystals for synthesis. If I don't have them by the time I have enough crystals, then I just keep on going until I do.
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User Info: dandy_gandy_270

7 years ago#8
I grind in Traverse Town. A good loop, IMO, is to start in Second District, go into the Hotel and run through the hallway and Red and Green Rooms, then back out to Second. Every room, IIRC, has at least one or two Defenders and once you get a good rhythm down it's a pretty fast route.

And if I listed that wrong, which is possible since I haven't had to grind for Defender Shields or Bright Crystals in ages, then it's Second District, Hotel (just the hallway), Gizmo Shop, Third District, back to Second. I'm going off my memory and nothing else at the mo', however, so, again, that could be listed wrong.

Either way, it's something along those lines. Find a route you feel comfortable with and just go for it.
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User Info: Hirokey123

7 years ago#9
Man I knew my friend said I was lucky but I didn't realise how lucky he meant.

I didn't even know there was a wizards relic my first time through KH1 but in my recent playthrough the very first Wizard heartless I killed in Hollow Bastion dropped the Wizard relic, needless to say Donald welcomed it >_<
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  3. ***SPOILERS (maybe)*** Where did you find the Defender shield?

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