Drop rate cheat codes?

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User Info: illegalcheez

6 years ago#1
Not really expecting an answer here, but its worth a shot. I don't want to have to go through the tedious farming for the best weapons, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a cheat to increase drop rates? AR, Codebreaker, etc?

I know there are codes to get them directly, but I don't like breaking immersion that much. Any help is appreciated.

User Info: KathrynsDad

6 years ago#2
Something intermediate is equipping Lucky Strike to increase the chance of rare items.

However, as someone who does Ultima every game, item farming gets very annoying.

User Info: illegalcheez

6 years ago#3
Yeah, even with lucky strike, farming just takes way too long.

User Info: falconesque

6 years ago#4
Cheat codes don't specifically increase drop rates, but they can insta-gift you with the weapons, no effort required, or grant you the abilities, like Lucky Strike. KH is old enough for its known codes to be included in the AR Max or Codebreaker software. Codejunkies.com is good hunting ground, as is CodeTwink.com.

Easiest way to cut the tedium otherwise is at the start of a new game to choose the dream shield (and give up the dream sword) so Sora learns Lucky Strike as early as possible, upon reaching LV15. Then invest an hour on Destiny Islands, no more, just dueling Tidus. (Again, this is an anti-tedium solution, nothing more.)

These two steps can virtually eliminate the need for any item farming for the length of the game. You needn't grind to LV15 before leaving DI even, the hour gets you far enough you'll hit that mark about the time you stop needing to face only shadow and soldier heartless. I'm also pretty ruthless with swapping Donald for the local character when I can, except when the duck's about to reach a level-up with a new ability.

If it'd help knowing the total number of items needed to synthesize one of everything, see my list. I don't like tedious item farming either. :j I usually don't bother with synthesis until my first encounter with invisible heartless, FWIW, but by then I have everything else needed anyway.


A bite at a time is a lot easier. So as soon as you have fire magic, for instance, go get a Fire Arts item and tick that off, done.
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