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Should I still be lost/confused about the story? *spoilers*

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User Info: PhilBrooks_

5 years ago#1
After being lost in the damn poorly designed Jungle for a couple of hours, I finally left it. I was a little pissed because I wasted hours there trying to figure out what to do. All I had to do was clear the area of shadows. >__> I wouldnt have had this problem if shadows kept respawning every 10 steps. That's what I hate about the game... Way to many enemies respawning over and over again. (I had a similar problem not knowing what to do in Wonderland. I had picked up the evidence but I thought it was generic items. Maybe I didn't pay attention or put focus as much because I was playing the game for an hour once a week)

Anyways, with that complaint aside, should I still be confused about the story? It seems shadows invaded, Sora and co. Is searching for friends and Mickey respectively. I know they are hopping from planet to planet to look for friends but it feels like not much is actually happening.

I heard the jungle was the worst part of the game. Is that true? Luckily I beat the jungle already. I've unlocked more abilities and combat is getting better. The chameleon was fun but a b**** to beat. He kept owning me until I abused my black magic on a platform. Then I kinda figured out his pattern. Donald sucks though and keeps dying.

User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
5 years ago#2
The story in this game is really simple, so if you're confused now, you probably shouldn't even touch the rest of the series, which become incredibly convoluted (which is something I love, but it isn't for everyone).

Anyway, you're basically right about the plot at this point. You're still early on, so it's not a surprise that there hasn't been a lot happening yet.

I don't know if I'd say that the jungle is the worst world...Atlantica's pretty awful.
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User Info: KathrynsDad

5 years ago#3
As a beginner, I found Deep Jungle so frustrating that I was yelling at the screen. My then seven year old daughter did a four page minicomic titled "We Hate Deep Jungle."

While the story is in early stage, two things should be clear. Donald and Goofy are there to find Mickey. Sora is there to save Kairi. Both are there to stop the Heartless, but their goals are not completely the same.

User Info: falconesque

5 years ago#4
The story grows and is very much top heavy. If something raises a question now and seems confusing, play on -- rest assured there's more to be revealed as you progress. You're supposed to be confused. For now, at least. :j

On the enemies spawning, yes, you nailed it exactly -- you do need to take notice. Spawn points are predefined, which you'll doubtless begin to expect. And you can leave a room or step over a zoneline to leave random battles if you like; there's nothing holding you back there. Heartless can also wink out again if you walk beyond their designated area.

For instance, if you're back in Traverse Town, as your party members suggested on finishing Deep Jungle, when you step from First District into Second District notice where you're standing when heartless appear (should be straight ahead this time, but that's from memory).

Also, respawning random heartless generally occurs when you move two rooms away and back. There are exceptions, of course. :j For example, in Second District's Hotel, you can go from Hallway into Green Room, into Red Room, back to Hallway, and then repeat that loop and the heartless will respawn at each step.

However, you can also cycle back-and-forth and have no enemies in the middle area. For instance, Hallway to Green Room to its balcony, then back to Hallway and back-and-forth the heartless won't respawn inside the Green Room itself.

Every area has places like this. Deep Jungle is a wonderful tangle, or the deepest nightmare. If you get lost, call up the menu and write down the area name displayed their. Draw arrows if you like, though CjayC's walkthrough is very good for signpost-type directions.

My then seven year old daughter did a four page minicomic titled "We Hate Deep Jungle."

Amazing what and how we teach our children, eh? :j "Hate makes you sick in your heart," is a good foil for that particular four-letter word, FWIW.
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User Info: benlyd

5 years ago#5
KathrynsDad posted...
My then seven year old daughter did a four page minicomic titled "We Hate Deep Jungle.".

I laughed for a few minutes.
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User Info: atakdoug

5 years ago#6
It seems you (PhilBrooks) have several entirely distinct issues at this point. KD and falcon have addressed many, but let me add a couple things that may help:

First, your topic question is about the story being confusing. I suggest that if at this or any point the story doesn't gel with you, you don't sweat it. As you proceed through the game you will discover more and more things, but as that happens (and particularly if you wind up playing more of the games, KH2 and thereafter) it gets at once more coherent and less, as the gamemakers add layer upon layer to the story. In my opinion, ultimately (a couple games from now) the storyline becomes an incoherent mess (many disagree, fwiw), but luckily that doesn't really happen in this game — but don't expect it to make an enormous lot of sense either. It's cute, it's fairly coherent, but if you feel like there are significant holes, that's because there are.

(Note that I don't mind this much, nor do most players here [or they disagree] — there are a bunch of adults still hanging around on the board of a ten year old game that's ostensibly for tweens because it's pretty darned good. I'm just suggesting you manage your expectations with respect to the story.)

But as falcon said, at this point (Deep Jungle-ish) in the game, you're really not supposed to know much — your uncertainty about ultimate causes and consequences right now is by design.

Second, you're having a problem with the frequent respawning of minor (non-boss) heartless. This can get very frustrating in worlds that, for one reason or another, you're getting lost in or having to run around a great deal in — Deep Jungle is kind of notorious for this but there are a couple others coming that rival it in this respect. One answer, which for some reason doesn't occur to a lot of players (including experienced ones): Don't fight them. If your goal for a particular room at a particular time is to get out of it and on to the next room (particularly true when you've been there before and opened all the chests and stuff), then, well, get out of it and go on to the next one. Run. Don't fight. If you jump or dodge roll or whatever away from the nearest heartless and then run for the exit, you won't be touched, period (though your allies sometimes will be, particularly if they're set to attack "constantly"); it may seem a weird way to play but it greatly reduces the frustration when you're redoing a room or succession thereof.

Third: Donald keeps dying. Well, yes, he does, and will for a good while. One solution in Deep Jungle in particular is to swap him out for Tarzan, who is one of the most useful (I believe the most useful; others may disagree) NPCs, because he survives much better and has "healing herb", an ability whereby he can heal himself or you. You can even customize his abilities so that he won't use MP on other things besides healing very much (to do so, just de-equip the attack techniques that cost MP), making him very useful in the final battle on this world.

But most of the time you'll be using Donald and Goofy, and though they get stronger and can be better equipped and you can (and should) customize their abilities and actions too, it will continue to be painfully clear that neither is a perfect companion. That, too, is how the game is meant to be.

User Info: ObsceneAnarchy

5 years ago#7
Story doesnt get complicated until the 2nd game. Its a mess from there on out.
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