Is this glitch possible??

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User Info: felexis12

4 years ago#1
I read on a website that you can change the story very slightly by skipping monstro. Heres what it says:

"When you encounter Monstro, you can actually leave at any time(WARNING: you will not get high jump!). After you get out, go to Haloween Town or Atlantica and continue the story. Beat Neverland and go to Hollow Bastion where you get to battle Riku. He is completely engulfed by Ansems power at the end of the battle. Now head back to Monstro. When you meet Riku there, what he says is slightly diferent and he doesn't help you with the Parasite Cage battle."

Have any of you guys heard of this or done this? I just got to monstro so idk if I want to try it or not hehe. Let me know!

heres the link:

User Info: shadowfreak1101

4 years ago#2
Yes, this can happen. What you do is:

You've just locked Agrabah's Keyhole. You can now fly to either Atlantica or Halloween Town; however, en route to the world, Monstro swallows you.


You can leave Monstro at any time by using the Save Point in the Mouth. Now, you need to lock both Atlantica AND Halloween Town; since you're skipping Monstro, you need to finish the other 2 worlds before you can go to Neverland. Anyway, once you go through Neverland, play through Hollow Bastion as normal until the scenes at the Grand Hall finish and you're auto-ejected to Traverse Town. Now, head back to Monstro and play the level as normal; the scenes will be changed for 2 reasons: 1. Any scene with Maleficent will be altered since she's "toast" now , and 2. all of Riku's scenes will be different, as he's been engulfed in darkness. Riku will not help you for the first Parasite Cage battle, and in both battles the Cage has quite a bit more HP as well, so you'll be spending more time fighting it (the harder battles also happen for Ursula and Oogie Boogie, if you instead opted to skip either of their worlds instead of Monstro).

If you're gonna attempt this, I wish you good luck.
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User Info: Zak6009

4 years ago#3
I've heard of this and seen videos.

But this is the first I'm hearing that it involves High Jump being lost forever. Geppetto doesn't give you the chest with it?

EDIT: Actually that wouldn't be possible since you would NEED High Jump to finish Monstro, even later.

User Info: oemzed

4 years ago#4
I've never done it before, but it seems really weird. Why would Riku even be there for Pinocchio at that point? And since that was his only reason for being there he shouldn't show up at all. Theoretically, if they didn't have the foresight to just disable access to the Gummi Ship from the save point and instead decided to alter scenes, then yeah, I guess that's how it would be. Still doesn't make sense though. Also, as someone else mentioned, you NEED high jump in order to complete Monstro.

User Info: KathrynsDad

4 years ago#5
High Jump is not technically needed. Come back with Glide or Superglide.

User Info: falconesque

4 years ago#6
Not a glitch. That cheats site has poorly worded something that's well known. The difference in the scene is mentioned in the Missable Guide ("HIGH JUMP"), click FAQs above, which also includes a script ("MISSABLE TEXTS"). So is the skippable nature of the player's choice of one world on Select World's second ring ("OPTIONAL WORLDS").

High Jump is very much not missable. The treasure chest appears beside Geppetto as soon as the flood waters recede after the first boss fight. High Jump reaches higher and higher as you go on and is incredibly helpful for farming by end game (especially in Monstro!), so yes, worth the effort to go get it.

The moral to the story is that KH went out of its way to cover every base so the player could decide for him or herself how to play the game. Try something different, even something odd or illogical, and very likely you'll find discover something new. There's one other scene difference documented in the Missable Guide, but I wouldn't be surprised if I ran into something different.
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