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User Info: hero_hunter

4 years ago#22
It seems Karma is only relevant to the person with more.

Personally, if I feel the need to bolster myself with some statistic, I use account age. What is karma really? I have posts in stickied topics, so for me it's a ticker of how often I log in. So while a visit the boards almost every day, I only log in if I'm going to say something. Many people do the same.

There is only 400 Karma difference between the two of you. He's been here a year longer, he's made more contributions and has in my experience been a very helpful and courteous poster. Perhaps he isn't the inferior one after all.
PWNSTEAK: All advice given by VeghEsther is typically incorrect/inefficient/grind-heavy. Pay closer attention to just about EVERYONE else, and you'll be golden.

User Info: darkzero16

4 years ago#23
~reads sig~

lol VeghEsther related sig.

From: KathrynsDad | #014
I find it unseemly for long term regulars such as ourselves to be squabbling.

"Casual as hell.
OT trying to be hipster as usual but fails."
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