Screw the fricken gummi ship. Why on earth did they make it so complicated?

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  3. Screw the fricken gummi ship. Why on earth did they make it so complicated?

User Info: PS2isFun

4 years ago#1
This has gotta be the worst customization setup I have ever seen. I've played Front Mission. I've played Ace Combat. I've played Armored Core. Played lots and this Kingdom Hearts gummi ship crap is more confusing than life itself.

Can I just buzz through this game without altering the gummi ship at all? I just want to play the real game. I don't have time for this bs. I'm playing on Normal btw.

User Info: KathrynsDad

4 years ago#2
You do not need to ever alter the Gummi ship to get through the game, especially not on Normal.

I never figured it out on my own, however, my ten year old seems to think it is a joy. She figured it out by herself and makes new ships regularly. YMMV.

User Info: PS2isFun

4 years ago#3
I've never been lost like this on a game before. People say the Sphere Grid in FFX and Junction system in FFVIII are confusing but that was a breeze for me that I picked up in no time. This one is just blahhh. Happy to here this isn't necessary on Normal.

User Info: falconesque

4 years ago#4
Hmm. Might be very satisfying to get a handle on it then. :j

Gummi ship modification is actually a sequence of four steps:

1. Choose a part and move where you want to place it.
2. Delete the part in the same location if needed.
3. Place the part oriented as you like.
4. Return to the part inventory.


Building a new gummi ship might be easier to understand than modifying your (presumably) Highwind. it's not available at the start, but once you purchase upgrades later in the Gummi Garage you can select a New slot. Just need a cockpit and an engine gummi pointed in the right direction. Blocks needn't be attached or artistically placed; any free space will do.

Until then, just try tacking on a second cannon gummi. Makes a big difference right away. Also, change the button mapping for flying if you like; I always reassign the button for deceleration to L1, for instance.

One of the regulars here has posted some gummi ship building vids at YouTube. SinisterSandman has posted direct links here, so do search topics.

FWIW, I adore FFX's sphere grid. Welcome to KH. :j
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User Info: shadowfreak1101

4 years ago#5
Be glad that they put in a Warp feature once you've finished the first ring of worlds...

While Customization is really not that hard once you know what you're doing, I can see your pain. Once you have more parts, it becomes a lot better; that's the biggest flaw right there. You have to find the parts in the actual worlds. KHII at least makes everything Gummi related solely within the Gummi Routes.

To further elaborate on falcon's tutorial:

1. From the Garage, choose the blueprint you wish to modify (I say stick to Kingdom to start with)

2. From there, choose which part you wish to put on your ship. They're ordered as such from: Cockpits, Engines, Wings, Weapons, Special.

3. Now, at the beginning of the game, building a ship is very limited. You'll probably only have just enough to build the model (1 Cure-G cockpit, 1 Thunder-G cannon, 2 Fire-G engines, 2 Aerora-G wings, 2 Aero-G wings, and the rest are Armor 1 value Protect-G blocks). You can find a second Thunder-G in Wonderland's Lotus Forest; once you have that, then you can add a bit more firepower.

4. If you managed to collect any Shell or Dispel Gummis en route to Wonderland, in addition to the Thunder-G and possible an Aeroga-G wing, attach them onto the ship. It'll look a bit lopsided, but that doesn't matter here.

5. To attach, go to the Garage and select either Kingdom or the custom model you (or Riku) named back during the Destiny Islands. Once you're on the build screen, select the Gummi you want to attach (Left stick). To put it on the ship, first press R1 to access the actual ship, then attach it with X where you wish to put it (remember that Gummis do not overlap, so you'll need to find a clear area. If the text showcasing the part is a lighter green, you're good; if it's darker green it won't fit. If it's red, an existing Gummi is in the way and you need to either move it elsewhere, remove it entirely, or find a different place for the new Gummi.) If you got the Aeroga, use it to replace one of the Aeroras for slightly more maneuverability. For the second Thunder, I recommend putting it next to the existing Thunder. Once attached, you can press R2 to view how the ship will look, or R1 to return to the part selection. From there, either select a new part, or press O to exit the building screen. Save your new design, and she'll be ready to go on your next flight.

However, once you've been to a world once and have gotten the Warp-G (it's gotten during the story), you never have to worry about the Gummi minigame again except for self satisfaction. You need to drive normally the first time through, but once it shows up on the map, you can instantly warp there again at any time. There is one special exception, though...
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User Info: PS2isFun

4 years ago#6
FWIW, I adore FFX's sphere grid. Welcome to KH.

I loved it. The transferring onto other character's grids making them stronger in a certain area and then returning them someplace else if you feel like it. Gotta use those return spheres wisely. I first played the game when it came out in 2002 and didn't fully understand it my whole way through but then my second run through the game (about a year ago) was just so much more fun. It was those return/transfer spheres that threw me off my first time through and I just ignored it (guess I was young & dumb. didn't care)

User Info: PojoTheChicken

4 years ago#7
It's not really the process of building a gummi ship that's's the horrible control scheme they use. IMO look up the gummi guide, have the controls in front of you and go to town.

In my previous run of KH, I left it alone, this run I just happened to get into the gummi ship building process and it's quite neat. The only real problem, like you know, is the awful control scheme.

User Info: PS2isFun

4 years ago#8
Yep, it's the controls more than anything.

User Info: WhataRecch

4 years ago#9
I've played Kingdom Hearts so many times my disk is almost worn out. And not once did I ever both with customizing the Gummi Ship. I like to do it as quickly as possible, like a band-aid rip.

User Info: falconesque

4 years ago#10
shadowfreak1101 posted...
1. From the Garage, choose the blueprint you wish to modify (I say stick to Kingdom to start with)

Which also can't be done at the start. You can only modify the one gummi ship you have, whether it's named Highwind or something else.

The first upgrade becomes available fairly quick though (Accessory Shop's staff changing is an indicator), letting a player choose a blueprint to model their creation after and then save to a New slot. Can't modify the blueprint and save over top of itself, of course.

PS2isFun posted...
...but then my second run through the game (about a year ago

Annual replays here, with one save kept around for battling as the mood strikes me.

Gummi ship building can be almost as involving. After just a little repetition, the buttons become tactile memory, like model building. I enjoy flying the gummi ship in KH, for the joy of flying and piloting.

Oh, and before buying up any gummi blocks, notice which blocks you can sell (left-arrow to see the max numbers if you're on guide avoidance). You'll find engines, cannons, and lasers aplenty as you go, but inventory space is limited and many players have been frustrated by treasure chests left unopened for not waiting on spending munny.
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  3. Screw the fricken gummi ship. Why on earth did they make it so complicated?

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