Did you beat Sephiroth during your first playthrough?

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  3. Did you beat Sephiroth during your first playthrough?

User Info: x_lone_x_wolf_x

4 years ago#11
I beat him on my first playthrough. Had to use guides and I died about 50 times but I eventually did it. DODGE THIS! MEET YOUR FATE! Never beat KH2 Sephiroth though.
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User Info: YM_Smash

4 years ago#12
Nope. I did beat him in my 2nd playthrough though.
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User Info: WebBowser

4 years ago#13
First playthrough, downed every boss but end o dah world bosses and Sephy. Working on Sphy now, at level 67. Most hilarious thing ever to have him use his omnislash thing while you are strike raiding, and he just sits there trying to slash you while you chuck keys to no effect. I usually wind up losing out in the end, but w/e, still hilarious. Also figured out that Strike Raid hard counters his elixer burn attack, nice to know. So far the only boss I've consulted a guide on was Phantom (was kinda sorry for it, as he was a total joke compared to Kurt, but I doubt I would've figured it out on my own, who actually uses stop?)

current build is Firaga ring * 3 and Oblivian, working surprisingly well for me (made me feel totally stupid for grinding all the mats for my mage build only to find out it was totally worthless D: ).
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User Info: Shiang

4 years ago#14
This was my attempt against Sephiroth for the first time:

Me: I can do this! 8D

*music starts*

Me: Oh crap. Oh no. No. No. No. No. @___@

*Sephiroth appears*

Me: O______________O **** **** **** **** I'm doomed.

*instant death*

So... I didn't beat him my first try, no. Or second. Or third. Maybe about the fiftieth. But it was still on my first time through the game.
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  3. Did you beat Sephiroth during your first playthrough?

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