I Did It!! I Beat Sephiroth!! (Final Mix Proud Mode Helpful Tips)

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User Info: FurryShep

4 years ago#1
Oh my god after 30 or so finally did it! He is a beast on final mix, much more difficult then vanilla Kingdom Hearts.

For a really amazing guide which you probably already read go here:

I will use info from this but supply my own helpful tips on strategies I used.

Level: 76
Keyblade: Ultima Keyblade
Items: full set of elixirs

Abilities You Must Have:
Dodge Roll
Combo Plus (Only one)
Leaf Bracer
Second Chance
Slide Dash
Ars Arcanum
Strike Raid
Ripple Drive
Mp Haste

I did not have MP Rage

Abilities You Must NOT Have:
Zanzetsuken (It magically does no damage to Sephiroth)

Phase 1:
So for phase 1 my main strategy was to slide dash at Spehiroth and when he uses his instant sword slash it will ALWAYS clash and you can counterattack.

I had one combo plus so I had 5 hits in my combo, If you have no combo pluses he will always instantly counter your finisher with his flame pillar. If you have a combo plus he will always teleport away before your finisher but sometimes it will still hit him.

If you time it right when you get hit the first time by the flame pillar you can wait a second and heal so his sword slash will miss. I relied heavily on the slide dash parry but dont use it directly after the flame pillar. Also never hit him during or slightly after the flame pillar or he will just spam another one.

Phase 2:
When he is using descend heartless angel what you can do is run to the opposite end of the arena and use the elixir after it hits and the mash the guard button and you will never get hit. Or you could just use the elixir right before it hits (a half a second after the sound it makes). Don't use elixirs every single time though or you will not have enough to last the rest of the battle. Sometimes he will teleport right next to you (not the first time though) and you can slide dash him if he is a bit further, but if you know that he is too far away to slide dash use Strike Raid or prepare the elixir!

For the Octaslash just spam the guard button and heal if you hit 1 HP, and always heal when hes about to do the final blow. The final blow is unblockable except the one time I did it but that might have been a glitch. o_O

Phase 3:
Heres where it gets hectic. For the meteor spam always cast Aeroga!! And glide around when the meteors circle. For the final meteor (Or blue energy ball whatever) Always use cure because it is unblockable.

Spehiroth would NOT LET ME COMBO HIM in phase 3. Except for when I caught him milliseconds after a tornado slash. What you want to do is use Ars Arcanum right after a tornado slash or the shadow ball circle ("Come on").

He does not vocalize Descend Heartless Angel anymore so it is sometimes hard to catch but he will sometimes do the Shadow Balls directly afterwards so your elixirs might hit you even if you use them after DHA hits you.

The Octaslash is the same here as it is in Phase 2, and was easy to block for me. You can get a few cheep shots on him directly after.

DarkBandit666 Uses mainly air combos in his guide but I mainly only did ground combos, the Slide dash was a must have for me.

Hope my observations help some people. Sephiroth is HARD on final mix and requires much more perseverance. Good Luck! ;)

User Info: Glavewurm

4 years ago#2

Adding some tips:
A set of Ribbons go a long way in that fight. A full set makes Sora take half damage from everything (including physical)

You can usually cut off Heartless Angel if you have Superglide.

A jump attack can parry the last hit of Octaslash before he slams down, making you hover for a sec and avoid damage.

For the last part of Supernova if you roll into the invisible wall away from him just as it explodes it won't hurt you.

In phase three, if he teleports in just standing there, like he does when he summons the dark orbs, jump in place. He'll summon them in the air, you'll fall, then you can smack him.
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