I'm having a conscience problem

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User Info: Dragonslayerrrr

7 years ago#11
I used to be the same way but eventually I grew out of it. Not quite sure how I guess I eventually just got bored enough that I decided to be evil for a change and it actually ended up being pretty fun in the end. I mean I'm a nice person irl but I guess video games allow me to be something I'm not which increases my interest in them.

Now when I play video games I'm all like "burn everything, burn it all to the ground!"

User Info: acdimps

7 years ago#12
actually, if you wanna feel better about the "Dick side" options, when you're REALLY mean to quest-specific NPCs (like when you say "Forget doing this wquest, you gotta die!!", the game will NOT let you... usually Carth or some looser chimes in LOL. I guess the game prevents you from breaking it by being a complete ass.
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User Info: MasterGamer72

7 years ago#13
Basic human psychology really, in GTA you don't talk to them, you don't really know their face, they're just masses of pixelated people ripe for a massacre.

In KoToR, you're talking to the person, you get to know their story, they seem more human than the multitude of nobodies in GTA.

Of course, it could also affect the story so you want to be careful what you choose.

This is brilliantly said. In this game you get a good feeling for the person and are given a choice to be nice or mean to them where in most games they are just another face in the crowd, another body for your sword.

But that's just my opinion.

User Info: FallenTrepie

7 years ago#14
Right. Being evil in like say Fable is easy enough because a lot of the slaughter is random villagers who have no personality really. Most characters in KotOR you talk to beforehand, get a feel for their story. It becomes a lot more difficult to kill someone when you've met them face to face and talked to them.

Like others, I just can't pick the "dick side" choices. If I wanted to be evil, i would be manipulative and deceitful. The dark side in KotOR is more of a bully or a thug. I hope this changes in Bioware's MMORPG, because it would be really neat to have more freedom of -how- to be evil than just being a bully.

User Info: cryora1

7 years ago#15

I've only played on the light side, but judging from the evil options that were given, I felt you could be pretty evil if you wanted. Even if the deeds themselves were small individually, if one were to always choose bad deeds, one could be a walking aura of evilness. I also thought it was quite clever how they have the Sith treating each other badly, when you got to Korriban. When I got to Tattooine, I was kind of tired so I didn't really pay attention to what I said, but somehow I talked to some random people/aliens and each one of them got pissed and walked off. I thought that was a very funny thing to share.

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