Best party in every chapter/dungeon

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User Info: Arctic_Slicer

6 years ago#11
In the earlier chapters I actually don't really like the heavy fighters like Brandol and Ulk as much. People really like these guys but they really aren't that great in the early game. People always talk about these guys are beasts with warp shoes and multi-asura and they are but that's all stuff you really wont have access to until much later in the game. In the first couple of chapters Jaid is probably the best man around as he has the best magic attribute and enough mana egg spots to give him a lot of flexibility in spells. The high level skills that make Brandol and Ulk good in the late game cannot be reasonably* obtained in the early game whereas the highest level mana eggs can be created at any time.

Once you start getting towards the end of chapter 3 or into chapter 4 magic stops being quite as good as it was in the earlier chapters; it's still good but it doesn't compare to someone like Brandol warping around with 11+ hit combo. Sure you will have to level them up but it doesn't take long to get someone up to level 40 in chapter 4 and as a bonus you can make use of the hero cast to beef them up even more.

*You can obtain Master Books and High Vellum from the skill man. However that costs a ridiculous amount of points which would take ridiculous amount of time that would be better spent progressing in the game to a point where you can get Master Books and High Vellum for free.
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User Info: CyberEarth

6 years ago#12
Ulk and Brandol can shine right off the bat from the Earth dungeon. You can pick up 2-slot C-skill books, and load the up with the basic C skills like strength and speed. This makes a HUGE difference in how they play.

Couple with Abandonment, Toughness, and Iron Guards, and they are nearly invincible.

By the time you get B-rank skills, pray you get Meditation. It's really useful for the faster heroes with decent techs like Titto, Carmyne (ESPECIALLY Carmyne!), or Lutina. Brandol has some nice AoE techs that will wipe people out, but unless you load him with 2, his speed stat hurts when you have to defend to regain tech. I disliked Myam, Jaid's, and Ulk's techs.

Myam's heal is the only decent thing, but with Iron Guards and a Water egg or two, you won't need it.

And I disagree about the early A-rank skills. You can get one for 20,800 pts. Yes, that's a lot IF you only sell skill vellum. The real selling is from Books. And once you hit the water stage 1/2 way point, you can gain unlimited books by porting in/out and killing the clam just near the portal. Books and eggs. I think it took me all of 2 hours to get the points necessary for a Master Book + A rank skill. Save/Reload for the A-rank skill you desire.

As a bonus, you can go the "wrong" way from that point in the water stage to fight a mimic. These are about the only sources of "special" points for vellum skills. Kill it fast and quick, and gain 100 per fight. There's also an egg chest near him as well if you want to take the extra time to build up things like Speed or Coercion that you may find.

My best advice is to use one team for the normal game, and another for post-game. This gives you a large advantage with the post-game equipment. It takes planning, yes, but you gain a lot of stats out of it.

Normal Game:
Evann (of course)

Evann (of course)

All your post-game chars will be low level. That's the idea. Get a set of Bay Crown, Hero Cast, and Training Bracers and Ordeal Shackles (if you can, these are pretty rare, they're dropped/stolen from the Slime Armors).

If you have Bay Crown and Hero Cast, you'll have some VERY strong characters by lv 60 or so. They'll easily eclipse anyone else. *note: you'll need All-Armor to equip Bay Crown on some people. I think Evann and Brandol need it for that piece.
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