Event Slot Points Bonus

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User Info: Chronoton7

8 years ago#1
I'm slightly confused about the event slot points bonus. Do you have to kill each enemy in the battle on the bonus to get extra points, or do you just have to end the battle as a whole on the points bonus? So far I've just been ending the battle as a whole on the points bonus. I'd hate to think that:

A: I missed a bunch of bonus points from earlier in the game,
B: That I have to make I kill EVERY enemy on the bonus points slot. That's a lot of Guarding/waiting.

Thanks! :-)
If you kill an enemy while the slot is on the point bonus then you get bonus points for that particular enemy.

The rate itself is random.

x2 = 65%
x4 = 30%
x10 = 5%
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User Info: Chronoton7

8 years ago#3
Thanks! I've obviously missed a lot of bonus points since I thought it was just on the final part of the battle. Oh well. Still fun.

User Info: WalkThruWalls

8 years ago#4
You can also knock all their health low and then use a hit-all attack rather than killing each individually on a bonus slot.


8 years ago#5
i think shion's 'boost 1' ether deserves a mention here

transfer it to someone with a nice all attack

like he says just widdle down, then when you're ready either boost or hopefully not need to

and kill 'em all in one shot
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User Info: Allen Tax

Allen Tax
8 years ago#6
Not analyzeing certain bosses and 1 in the beggining and 1 of its friends will screw up the enclopedia data on Gnosis.
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