What's a good spot to quickly grind exp?

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  3. What's a good spot to quickly grind exp?

User Info: MajinBalthier

5 years ago#1
I vaguely remember having a LOT of trouble with the Cathedral Ship boss (Gargoyle?) the first time I played (back in 2003). What's a good early-game spot to quickly build up for that part? It's the one dungeon/fight I'm concerned about with this playthrough.
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User Info: wheresatari

5 years ago#2
down the elevator in the mall, (in the cathedral ship) in a room with many destructible boxes, theres 2 unicorn enemies. fight them to lvl 18-20, and youll be ok lvl-wise and point-wise.

the only good skill that is effective against them is r-drill. lvl it to like lvl 2, and youll be good.

make sure you wipe the front row enemies in the fights out in one fell swoop. if you kill one and leave the other, and the unicorn gets a turn, itll revive it, making the fight much tougher.

make absolutely sure you steal from gargoyle twice. it has one of the best accessories in the game, and you wanna make sure you get it.
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User Info: drclaeys

5 years ago#3

is the beginning of this, a part where you can go back to your elsa, or not. maybe im getting this mixed up with first time, and other times.

Well I tried to Grind in the eshepholon ( sp), before I get to hard parts. There always seem to be a place that I missed. I try to bring all my characters through, and really explore every nook, and cranny, before I move on.

this way I have found what is there to find. ANd I have enough money for stuff, when that time comes.

I think there is also a ring with like 3 monsters walking around it, you can hide from them. I think if you go out and in, they respawn. so I did them a few times too.

Tell us how you do. this IS a hard dungeon. very long between saves. Which is kinda sucky at this point in the game.

Thank you.
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User Info: wheresatari

5 years ago#4
^^^hes talking about the searchlights in the encephalon. there are 5 of them, and if they touch you, you get into a fight. each fight consists of 4 soldiers and a helicopter. you can rack up amazing points here if you manage to kill all of them at once on the point bonus icon...especially if you get x10. this is probably the best place to farm for points in the whole game. the best for exp may be the song. (correct me if im wrong.) the unicorns are only a good spot now. there are much better spots later. i only suggested them b/c if its gargoyle thats causing the anxiety, this is the spot to remedy that.
No man cometh unto the FATHER, but through me.
-The LORD JESUS CHRIST. John 14 verse 6.

User Info: Vilurum

5 years ago#5
The best for experience in a vacuum (which is usually *not* what you want, since you do want oodles and oodles of tech points) is almost always the latest place in the game to which you have access.
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User Info: ObsceneAnarchy

5 years ago#6
I farmed points in Old Militia with Jr., Ziggy and MOMO.
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