Calling all fans: Xenosaga Trilogy HD Remaster

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User Info: bunalz3

4 years ago#1
All three boards seem to be devoid of life but... better than nothing I guess...

Starts off from here; Sony gave fans hope:

Target: NAMCO Bandai
Objective: HD remastered of Xenosaga Trilogy: PS3, XBOX 360, Wii U, Next-Gen Consoles

Sign the Petition:

Like the Page:

Though, Episode II might need more than just a "remaster".
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User Info: True_Fan

4 years ago#2
Does NAMDAI even have the files to make a remaster?

User Info: bunalz3

4 years ago#3
I'm assuming that they should, but who am I to speak for that matter? Looking at the current situation, not much could be said. However, getting the fans voice through is our biggest priority right now.
Do you want to see the Xenosaga Trilogy remastered in HD? If so, help us by signing the petition below:

User Info: JolosGhost

4 years ago#4
Petitions almost never work. They're also not official. Even if this hits some sort of benchmark value, Namco will probably never do it.

Moreover, Nintendo owns Monolithsoft now, IIRC. Getting them to make HD Remasters of games by a studio they no longer own is too much of a pain in the ass, especially when you consider the tremendous dropoff in sales for all three titles - there aren't enough of us fans out there to warrant doing it.

User Info: masked_yazoo

4 years ago#5
That would make... 3 to 4 Disc on the 360...
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User Info: WayWardFelix

4 years ago#6
Sounds nice but highly unlikely.
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User Info: randomgenerator

4 years ago#7
Get a decent PC and you can play all 3 Xeno's and around 2000 other PS2 games in HD using the emulator.
Good Job SE!! You do well good at making things! - marko7
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