Secrets of the mysterious Chocolate Island 2

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User Info: imamelia

9 years ago#1
Most, if not all, of you probably know that Chocolate Island 2 is what I call a "sequential" phase, e.g. certain events you can control (in this case, number of coins and time) determine what follows in the phase. (I have always called them phases; using the word "level" to describe a single stage rather than an entire world just seems odd to me.) But probably a lot fewer people know exactly what the formula is. I have tried to run tests on this one, such as getting 3 coins on the first screen and going through with 281, then trying it with 4 coins and 281, then 4 coins and 271, etc. Try as I might, I simply do not have the patience to make any real progress on this. Has anybody else tried this? And if so, what have you found out? (About the only thing I did find out was that to get the big cape-flying screen second, you usually had to finish the first screen with a relatively large amount of time.) Also, has anybody ever found more than 9 screens? I'm quite sure there are only 9 [1=start,
2=diagonal platforms, 3=Rex, 4=mushroom/water, 5=Dino-Rhino, 6=cape flying, 7=Rex stairsteps (ending screen), 8=double Pow (ending screen), 9=secret goal], but there's still that 4% or so of uncertainty.

User Info: KirbyManiac

9 years ago#2
This is what Mario Mania (the published Player's Guide for this game) has to say:

Area 1 (the starting area; a mountain of platforms and a bunch of Dino-Rhinos, etc.)

Area 2-A (slanted platforms with Koopa Paratroopas) -- collect 0-8 coins in Area 1
Area 2-B (hills, pipes, a springboard, power-ups at the end) -- collect 9-20 coins in Area 1
Area 2-C (Cape Feather and triangle block, wide gaps with groups of coins) -- collect 11 or more coins in Area 1

* Now, I realize 2-B's and 2-C's criteria seem to overlap. I suspect 2-B's is really "collect 9-10 coins", because Area 1 has two normal coins, two Dragon Coins, and a 10-coin block. Unless eating enemies with Yoshi also counts, since it increments the coin counter.

Area 3-A ("!" blocks, blue blocks, Chargin' Chucks, and the key and keyhole) -- complete Area 2 with 250-300 on the timer
Area 3-B (hilly terrain) -- complete Area 2 with 235-249 on the timer
Area 3-C (water with rectangular islands jutting out) -- complete Area 2 with 1-234 on the timer

Area 4-A (multi-level hill with lots of Rexes) -- enter with 0-3 Dragon Coins
Area 4-B (P-Switches and a walkway of "!" blocks) -- enter with 4 Dragon Coins
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