Best realm, Best classes?

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User Info: nerdman777

8 years ago#1
I know theres a best realm(or will be one), but I know theres no best class. But what are the top 3 classes? I was thinking Zealot, marauder, or warrior priest. And is there any best realm yet?

User Info: Duga55

8 years ago#2
Nobody knows yet.

However from my experiences playing various MMOs over the past 7 years or so, starting out with the strongerst class at launch has always been a regret of mine as said class is always the first to get the bat.

User Info: iplaywowXD

8 years ago#3
Very true, best class at launch always gets nerfpwned. Play what looks the most fun to you/what fits your style best.

User Info: twylight777

8 years ago#4
healers healing is the best class - everything else is beneath that.

I have a RVR we got ROLLED in t3. Virtually same teams but added 2 rune priests who know how to how to heal and we won 500-80. ITs about healing, focus firing the objective. If you really want to be valuable to the order play a rune priest and heal your butt off.

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User Info: JonnyBigBoss

8 years ago#5
Need healers on Order of Averheim. I'll tank for you!
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User Info: Greko Roman

Greko Roman
8 years ago#6
No "best" realm and no "best" class. T1 it can be tough to take down a healer unless you stick a extra DPS on them. RvR Domination comes down to the smartest team with up to par levels. If you go into a scenario RvR for T1 with a bunch of level 11s you can zerg rush anyone who isn't about the same level. I believe armor isn't effected by the Level 8 buff or debuff.

Usually when I get a big loss in RvR its because my opponents have higher level players.
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User Info: dasmesee

8 years ago#7
If there was such a thing as a best class why would the other classes be in the game? their is no best class it's about player skill.

User Info: Jabz0rz

8 years ago#8
I hate you for making a "Best" thread.

User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
8 years ago#9
A lot of Elder Guilds (guilds whom tested Lv40 content) are joining Volkmar. Its extremely balanced on that server in terms of Order/Destruction.

Skull Throne is by far the most popular, its the Illidan of WAR. Everyone seems to be joining that server, though Goon Squad's there as well (a notorious trolling guild with thousands of players).
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