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Pure Evil: Part 2...

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User Info: whizeguy

9 years ago#1

Something along these lines had to have gone down at the Mythic HQs:

Mythic Guy Tom: Hey Barry, follow me, I wanna show you what I just got in.

(Tom leads Barry to a huge storage room)

Tom: Check it out bro.

Mythic Guy Barry: Whoa, what the heck is it?

Tom: It's a server, one of the first ever built, a hold-over from the Cold War.

Barry: Wow, it must be slow as all hell and really unreliable.

Tom: It Sure is Barry, and barely even works too.

(Tom grabs a nearby fire extinguisher and puts out a small fire that has started in the ancient server)

Barry: Whew that was close.

Tom: Meh, happens 3 or 4...dozen times a day.

(Sparks begin shooting from the server, Tom grabs a wrench and proceeds to beat the server until the sparks stop)

Barry: Jeeze, Tom, so what are you gonna use this server for?

Tom: I was thinking in-game mail.

Barry: Sounds good to me.

Tom: Hey, I have a box of puppies in my office, you wanna light them on fire and toss them off the overpass and see if we can cause some wrecks?

Barry: Boy do I!!! Afterward we can go to the oldfolks home push people out of wheelchairs!!!

Tom: You read my mind Barry, you read my mind.

User Info: lordofthefarm

9 years ago#2
Witty :D
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User Info: Gibberling007

9 years ago#3
tldr: ITT: Mail system sucks
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User Info: Motafication

9 years ago#4
He was my bestest friend. -Meatwad
Yeah, that interesting, because, right before he died, he mentioned something about not liking you. -Master Shake. ATHF

User Info: grubbybatsnow

9 years ago#5
I think the mail server uses twine instead of copper wire and is steam driven.
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User Info: kirviamar

9 years ago#6
OMG! Thank you - that was epic. Just epic.
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User Info: whizeguy

9 years ago#7



User Info: mistral93

9 years ago#8
Mail server....How I hate you.

*eye twitches*
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User Info: sad1212

9 years ago#9
I can imagine Mythic using thousands of hamsters being forced into hard labor just to keep the mail server alive lol.
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