Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) Tricks, Glitches, and Tips (by MI4 REAL)

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User Info: MI4 REAL

9 years ago#1
You may know some of these, you may know a lot of these, or you may know all of these. I'm sure someone out there knows a few I don't know.

Trick and Glitch List:
(All of these I have discovered myself unless listed otherwise)

-(Any) Collecting stuff like cherries in Sub-Space does not affect it in the normal world, thus it is possible to collect a pair of cherries in Sub-Space and then after returning back to the normal world, collect the same 2 cherries again.

-(General) It is possible to have "P4" lives (254 lives). When 100 lives is reached, it will read "A0" when 110 is reached "B0" when 120 reached "C0" and so on. For example, 149 lives would read "D9"

-(World 1-1) Put a Potion next to a POW block and enter the door to enter Sub-Space. Notice how the "POW" is mirrored, reading backwards. Pick up the POW and wait until time runs out. You'll have the mirrored "POW" block in the normal world

-(Any World) It is possible to catch a thrown vegetable. Pick up a vegetable, hit an enemy with it, then run past where the enemy was standing and catch the vegetable from underneath

- (Any World) With enough patience and persistence, it is possible to drop Mushroom blocks into walls and also, through the exit door after beating Triclyde. You can stick the mushroom block in the top of the door and then pick it up and half the door will be gone, but you can still go through.

-(World 1-2) Using Luigi and having 3 units of life left, you can bypass the locked door by luring Beezos from the left edge next to the vase, then to the door, and then jumping up and hitting them from the top. You'll be knocked up to the upper platform if you do it right

-(World 1-2) Speaking of which, if you use the Luigi trick and bypass the locked door, do it while carrying the key and you will be able to enter Birdos room while still holding the key (And then defeat her with the key)
[Learned this trick from this site!]

-(World 2-3) Use the POW collected from inside the vase and use it while standing on the crystal ball and you'll be launched up!

-(World 2-3) Use Mushroom Blocks as a barricade against Triclyde's fire attack

-(World 3-1) Despite the clouds to the left of the vine not being solid, Mushroom blocks will rest on the tops of them when thrown atop. Although it's a lot easier to simply use the Princess to float across and enter the door, leading into the back area of Birdo's chamber.

-(World 3-2) In the first underground chamber, find the "POW" block. Now, grab a bomb and drop it on the ground. Now quickly grab the POW and stand on the bomb. Then drop it! The bomb should be launched upwards with you on it and then you can hop off and walk on the ceiling! Be sure to jump over the ladders as you progress left across the ceiling. When you reach the end, drop down the gap where the final ladder stands, then climb up. You'll be at the door to Birdo's chamber.

"Er...well, y'know. You can't make an omelette without um...destroying a forest.....or something" -Black Mage

User Info: MI4 REAL

9 years ago#2
-(World 4-2) You can beat Birdo using Starman if you're fast enough. Just run into her and she'll instantly be defeated!

-(World 5-1) You can obtain unlimited coins if you pick up the Potion, drop it, and collect the coins, then fall off the stage, losing a life before Sub-Space ends. Normally you can only collect coins twice before you pick up just vegetables. Reap as many coins as you want, and then finish the world.
[Learned this myself]

-(World 5-2) This is the only place where you can drop a potion inside a vase (since you get it inside one). It doesn't work, and no door will appear, just a puff of smoke. And a different sound effect.

-(World 5-3) It is possible to defeat Clawgrip with 1 rock by bouncing it on the wall, and then having it bounce on his head all 5 times.

-"Birdo" and "Ostro" are listed backwards in the credits (Birdo is the one who spits eggs and/or fire at the end of most every level, and Ostro is the bird with the Shyguy on it's back)

-And Clawgrip is listed as "Clawglip" in the credits

-It is possible to have all 4 characters listed under the Contributor list in the same game, if you clear all 20 worlds, using each character 5 times.
(The character who cleared the most worlds is listed as the Contributor, if more than one have the most worlds clear, all of them will be listed)

General Tips
-Try riding turtle shells instead of just using them as weapons!
-Hold "down" on the d-pad until your character flashes to do a squat high jump
-Luigi gets knocked high into the air when hit from the bottom with 3 or more health
-Princess can float when the "A" (jump) button is held
-You can only warp to certain worlds in certain vases, and only while in Sub-Space
-If you use a warp, coins held in the world you were in and the world you warped to will be totaled at the Bonus Game.

"Er...well, y'know. You can't make an omelette without um...destroying a forest.....or something" -Black Mage

User Info: MI4 REAL

9 years ago#3
-Pick up 5 Ripe vegetables, and the 5th one will be a clock, which freezes all enemies and objects where they are for a few seconds.

-When you hit an enemy with a vegetable, you can run through the defeated enemy and catch the vegetable from the bottom, and then use it again.

-You can hit an enemy with a vegetable, then run and jump on top of the used vegetable and pick it back up in mid-air, and use it again.

-You can knock out more than one enemy with the same vegetable.

"Er...well, y'know. You can't make an omelette without um...destroying a forest.....or something" -Black Mage

User Info: MI4 REAL

9 years ago#4
-In World 5-1, take a potion either at the entrance to the underground room, or half-way through it. Now get to the end and hop over on top of the ceiling from the rolling logs over the entrace to Birdo's room. You'll find 2 Mushroom blocks suspended in the air. Place the Potion on top of the ceiling and enter it. You'll find that when you do, you'll lose a life, because the door will appear at the bottom in Sub-Space!

-I forgot to mention that in the World 3-2 Bomb Trick, the bomb and you will go through the ceiling. When you enter the first underground entrance, find the POW block and pick up the sprout closest to it. You'll find a bomb. Place the bomb next to the ladder (I usually place it on the right side) and get the POW block. Stand on top of the bomb and drop the POW block. You'll go through the ceiling and you can then hop off the bomb and walk on the ceiling over the other entrances to get to the last one early. You'll fall through ladders, so be sure to hop over each one until you reach the last ladder.

-(Any)Throw a Mushroom Block toward a wall, and then run under it before it touches the ground. The Mushroom Block will bounce off your head as long as you stand under it.
"Er...well, y'know. You can't make an omelette without um...destroying a forest.....or something" -Black Mage

User Info: Bobemmo

9 years ago#5
If you run up to an enemy and jump right before you touch him, you will just barely go through the corner of the enemy. This will not hurt you but it will count as though you laned on the enemy without stopping your jump, letting you do a second jump in midair. This is very useful as luigi.

It takes a bit of timing to perfect, and it only works on enemies that you can stand on without being hurt.
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