I can't believe I've found a new thing...

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  3. I can't believe I've found a new thing...

User Info: Damon Plus

Damon Plus
5 years ago#1
...after 20 years playing the game. I beat world 3 flying fortress as Toad mario and the king offered himself to change me back again with his magic wand! Impressive attention to detail!

I know this is not a new secret for most people, but it is for me.
Step back! This is my blast shot!

User Info: mattnd2007

5 years ago#2
i did not know this
Huey: The world is a hard and lonely place and nobody gets anything for free. And you want to know what else? One day, you and everyone you know is gonna die.

User Info: friendlydude

5 years ago#3
I bet many people haven't accomplished this since it's World 3 and Wendy has PMS problems that reach all the way to the bottom platform of hell beside a pool of scolding lava, but congrats :p

User Info: Action53

5 years ago#4
The king says that if you beat any airship with a frog suit. He says somethin else for hammer suit and tanooki suit.

User Info: ChaseXtreme

5 years ago#5
Oh me! Oh my! You have been transformed! How about lending me your clothes? Please tell me your name.
Diva of the week: AJ

User Info: friendlydude

4 years ago#6
here you are, you can have my yellow undies :p
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  3. I can't believe I've found a new thing...

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