Lost Game Genie Codes & Glitch

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User Info: adelikat

7 years ago#1
Hi all, I've been in the process of creating a permanent home for lesser known info about this game: http://tasvideos.org/GameResources/NES/MikeTysonsPunchout.html

The problem is that a lot of good information has been shared and lost on these boards over the years. There's a few things I'm hoping to collect that I can't seem to find

1) Game genie codes for individual fighters. DWEdits game genie codes to fight the Demo Bald Bull are fortunately archived as well as some cool codes of Daniel T. However, there used to be a thread that had 3 game genie codes that when combined would send you to Von Kaiser, and when combined with a 4th code would send you to other fighters as well. Anybody still have these codes? They seem to have fallen off the internet.

2) Mysterious Tyson Glitch

Matt Turk had alluded to some glitch on Mike Tyson that's only possible in rounds 2 & 3, that if would be possible in Round 1 would improve the record time for him. Was this glitch ever revealed? I'd like to do a youtube demo of this (as well as many other glitches in this game).

Its time that all the advanced knowledge of this game be stored on a permanent site so this kind of cool info doesn't get lost. That's why I'm keeping it on tasvideos where it will not be going anywhere. Also, as you can see from what I have so far, this will also include videos of all the tricks/combos/strats that until now have only been in the minds of leet gamers, or just recently on Brian's FAQ as descriptions only.

If you have any suggestions for content of the MTPO section I'm making, I'm all ears

Take care


User Info: gedowski

7 years ago#2
Here's a link for starting with each fighter

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