Where is RedTom's site? (W_R)

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User Info: W_R

5 years ago#1
(Trying again here since my other topic archived without a response.)

Does RedTom's site still exist? I followed link in a previous thread but my anti-virus blocked it saying it was a risky connection. I doubt it's the real site anymore. Anyone know where the site is, if anywhere? Thanks.

If you weren't aware, RedTom had a very comprehensive site on this game.

User Info: mrturk

5 years ago#2
Okay, this seems to be a reocurring problem from time to time. I don't know what link you are using but I use this one: http://www.showbizpizza.com/tomspunchout/. This should take you to the punch out webring webspace. Sometimes you may get a pop-up when you go there and maybe that is why you get the risky connection message. But it definitely is the real site with the only change being that it had to be uploaded to a different webspace a few years back.

User Info: MasterPhred3000

5 years ago#3
I know I should check this board more often. My bad.

There was an outdated Webring that Tom and I used to be a part of. There was something in the javascript that caused an annoying pop-up to where the site was inaccessible from time to time. So I removed the script and the webring from the index page so now it loads correctly. Your anti-virus should let you into the site now as long as you are using the link Matt posted above (I don't know if the shortcut link works anymore).
GT - Master Phred

User Info: W_R

5 years ago#4
Thanks guys! :o)

User Info: DanielTKO

5 years ago#5
MasterPhred3000, it's great to see you on here, man! It's been a while haha :). Even I haven't been on here as much as I used to, unfortunately. What have you been up to these days?
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