Pixel Perfect: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (Book)

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User Info: W_R

4 years ago#21
Emerald posted...
A hundred dollars for a book is a rip-off you crook

It's not their fault. There isn't enough demand for a mass-produce. So the marginal cost is high.

User Info: mrturk

4 years ago#22
Yeah, a $100 is lot if you look at in a relative fashion. Like WR stated though it was only going to be an initial small print run. Actually, the printer we were using, Blurb, initially wanted us to charge $150+ to start but we managed to get the price down to to $100 if you pre-ordered on kickstarter before October 1. Like I stated before that is all history now and we are looking at possibly something in the $60 range for a hardcover with the potential options of a softcover as well as an e-book. By the way I am one of only about 3 people who actually has a copy of the hardcover that was adverstised on kickstarter and the quality of the printing is absolutely outstanding (worth the $100 in my opinion).

User Info: misterbum

4 years ago#23
The question remains.
You became the boss. You are great.

User Info: mitsguy2001

4 years ago#24
I still have not gotten an answer to the question I asked many months ago. How can we purchase the e-book version? And, what equipment do we need in order to read it? Thank you.
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