POLL: Favorite Opponent?

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User Info: zoogelio

4 years ago#1
Which opponent do you like the most? - Results (123 votes)
Glass Joe
5.69% (7 votes)
Von Kaiser
3.25% (4 votes)
Piston Honda
5.69% (7 votes)
Don Flamenco *or* Super Macho Man (sorry, 11 boxers, 10 poll options. Please specify in a post)
5.69% (7 votes)
King Hippo
8.94% (11 votes)
Great Tiger
7.32% (9 votes)
Bald Bull
8.94% (11 votes)
Soda Popinski
20.33% (25 votes)
Mr. Sandman
10.57% (13 votes)
Mike Tyson
23.58% (29 votes)
This poll is now closed.
So, what are people's favorite opponents and why?

I apologize for having to combine 2 of the opponents but with some questions, 10 options is just too limiting.

User Info: HeIsTooOld

4 years ago#2
Got the biggest kicks out of Iron Mike while playing this game:

1. First time you get past the Lightning uppercut phase in the first round (1:30)
2. First time getting to round two
3. " " getting the decision
4. getting a TKO win
5. getting a 10 count K.O.
6. I have yet to get a first round TKO, but man, that'll be sweet!
Not many bigger rushes from video games than those for me

User Info: aeepahzieoi

4 years ago#3
Soda Popinski because I believe in preparedness.

User Info: DanielTKO

4 years ago#4
Mike Tyson without question! He was the reason why I even played this game in the first place and as the final opponent, he does not disappoint, putting up one hell of a fight!

I have fought Mike so many more times than any other opponent in this game, that I can probably still beat him to this day, whereas I am likely going to be extremely rusty against anyone else.

Mike Tyson makes this game extra special, so when Mr. Dream came along to replace him, it just wasn't the same without the true undisputed heavyweight champion from 1987.

User Info: aeepahzieoi

4 years ago#5
lass Joe.

User Info: Trismegistus97

4 years ago#6
Had to go with piston honda. Easy enough opponent but the timing on his special move i could never quite master. It was always a challenge to see if I could get it.

User Info: aeepahzieoi

4 years ago#7
Surprised no one has voted for Don Flamenco *or* Super Macho Man yet. What a pity.

User Info: mooreandrew58

4 years ago#8
I go with super macho man just cause hes was the first fighter outside glass joe I managed to go a whole fight without getting hit. im decent at the game but I almost always slip up at some point in a fight such as hitting the wrong button at the wrong time or some crap. and after feeling so proud of myself for doing this (it was my first time beating him as well) I felt I could atleast hold my own against tyson for a couple of minutes..... I think I lasted 30ish seconds.....

User Info: sinister2424

4 years ago#9
My vote goes for Super Macho Man. There are so many aspects to the fight with him, lots of cool tricks and you can get AND use a ton of stars. Nothing is more gratifying that TKO'ing him in under a minute of round 1.

User Info: zoogelio

4 years ago#10
bump with a left jab. POW!
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