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User Info: Riverdales27

9 years ago#1
About ChaCha

About ChaCha
Now that the formalities are finished, let's get you briefed up on what ChaCha is, and what you'll be doing as a ChaCha Guide.

Answers - Anywhere, Anytime
ChaCha is a revolutionary search service because it adds the element of human brainpower to enable people to get answers to questions 24/7, no matter where they are within the U.S.: at home, on the road, in a waiting room, or even on a beach.

ChaCha Essentials
ChaCha is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis. Founded in 2006 by serial entrepreneurs Scott A. Jones and Brad Bostic, ChaCha launched its desktop service in November 2006 and its mobile answers service in January 2008 with a major promotion at the Sundance Film Festival.

ChaCha Guides
ChaCha Guides serve as independent contractors. Guides do not need to relocate to Indiana; in fact, they can work from home or just about anywhere, as long as they have a broadband Internet connection. Guides also choose the times they work, whether it be 9 to 5, or late at night, or just an hour here and there. Being a ChaCha Guide is a flexible position that fits any lifestyle.

The ChaCha Name
Wondering where the quirky name came from? "ChaCha" was selected as the name of the company for three reasons: 1. "Cha" means "search" in Chinese 2. Cha Cha is also a fast-paced ballroom dance. Our Guides can be thought of as dance partners who will lead you to the best information and answers quickly and smoothly. 3. ChaCha just sounds cool and is a lot of fun to say.

ChaCha on Mobile Phones
ChaCha's mobile service is available to customers of all major U.S. mobile carriers. By simply texting a question to 242 242, which spells ChaCha on most phones, people can get answers from ChaCha anywhere, anytime. Customers don't need to know any special syntax or formatting to text ChaCha - they can ask questions just like they'd ask a friend, for example, "What time does the Super Bowl start?"

SMS, or Short Message Service, is another name for text messaging. Using SMS technology, ChaCha can receive questions from customers via text message, and send back answers of up to 160 characters.

How Guides Answer Questions
Guides are encouraged to use the best sites on the Web for the question they're answering. ChaCha provides tips, recommendations, and custom tools for fast searching, but we don't require you to use only the ChaCha search engine. The entire Web is at your disposal. Digging deeper into specialty sites is encouraged!

What's in a Mobile Answer
ChaCha Guides send a single text message (maximum of 160 characters) as the answer to a mobile question. This single message contains a link to more info -- including the webpage where the Guide found the answer. Customers can plug this link into a PC browser to view the source webpage. For customers with "smart phones," there's an extra advantage; they can view the source webpage instantly on their phone!

ChaCha on the Desktop
ChaCha answers are also available online at ChaCha.com. Customers can choose to "Search with a Guide" to have a human Guide assist them with refining what they're looking for and finding great results. Please note: newly registered Guides will only be working on mobile answers, not desktop search.

So, now you're up to speed on some important ChaCha basics. The nitty-gritty details of how you perform your job as a Guide will be part of the training you receive once registration is complete. For now, make sure you have a good grasp of the information on this page.
When you're ready, click Continue to the Video.
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we suck this season! i blame it on USC!

User Info: Riverdales27

9 years ago#2
Test Instructions

Fitness Assessment

Being a ChaCha Guide is a pretty cool job, but it's not for everyone. We've developed a Fitness Assessment to determine whether our Guide applicants are the right fit for joining our team of Internet-savvy search sleuths.

The Fitness Assessments consists of three parts:
# Part I contains 15 questions about ChaCha and our technology
# Part II tests your typing skill and speed - an important component of guiding
# Part III contains 15 questions on problem-solving and search skills

Each part of the Assessment is timed. We do this because ChaCha Guides operate in a time-sensitive environment. To be successful, you must be comfortable thinking on your feet, being resourceful, and working quickly and efficiently to answer questions.

Most people take between 10-15 minutes to complete the Fitness Assessment. We suggest you complete all three parts in the same sitting. But if you must interrupt for any reason, please do so between parts. If you log out of the Registration process during a timed
Fresno State (1-2) (1-6) & (1-9) since we faced USC
we suck this season! i blame it on USC!

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