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User Info: Gamer7625

5 years ago#1
What are the decks you use in the game? Here are all of mine, note none used the 7s or Download Digivolve because I find those cards make the game too easy.

1) Frozen World Deck:

MetalGarurumon x2
WereGarurumon x2

Garurumon x3
Seadramon x3

Gabumon x2
Otamamon x2
Gomamon x2
Betamon x2
Snow Agumon x2

Speed Digivolve x1
Dark Lord's Cape x3
Beetle Diamond x2
Missile Pod x2
Mega Hand x2

This deck is an improved and evolved version of MetalGarugumon's Shoot Everything Deck. The Digimon here can be Digivolved into quickly, but the 1 Speed Digivolve ensures an even faster Digivolution (or a MetalGarurumon who would take 3 turns to go into). All the Digimon, except for Garurumon, give 20 DP as well, only adding to its speed. The Ultimate and Champion Digimon are pretty standard (as it is Gabumon themed I suppose, just with Sedramon being a great card for defense) while the Rookies build defense. The Options keep a very high attack standard for the deck giving me: 400 Attack if HP is higher, First Attack+100 Attack, double power at cost of my hand, and HP=current health. Overall, the deck doesn't like Gamble (generally) but loves to be patient and then wipe the opponent out quickly using Ice Digimon's great Stall power with High Attack options.

2) Heavens Gate Deck:

Seraphimon x2
MagnaAngemon x1
Angewomon x1

Angemon x3
Ninjamon x3

Tentomon x4
Salomon x4
Gotsumon x2

Dark Lord's Cape x3
Beetle Diamond x2
Sup, Recovery Floppy x3
Cherrymon's Mist x2

My Anti-Dark deck. I built the deck to be very balanced against any opponent, but able to tear Dark decks to shreds. It can be used against other decks with no problems. The Ultimates are the Anti-Dark ones, so standard. Champions, I use Angemon, standard, but instead of Unimon or Morishellmon, I use Ninjamon because he can add an extra offensive power into the deck. The Rookies are standard, while the Supports are split evenly to give us offense, health, and negates Supports. Overall, this is my Balanced deck.

3) Alchemy Deck:

Mamemon x3
Metalmamemon x3
Monzaemon x2

ToyAgumon x3
ClearAgumon x3
L-ToyAgumon x2
Hagurumon x2
Psychemon x1
ModokiBetamon x1

Warp Digivolve x4
Golden Banana x3
Sup. Recovery Floppy x3

This deck is designed to skip straight to Ultimate, hence the name of the deck. Most of the Ultimate Digimon in the deck only need 30 DP to digivolve into (the one who doesn't is only here for support/gives 20 DP anyway) and the deck is designed to counter and defend against the opponent, giving me the ultimate advantage (pun intended). Since ModokiBetamon and Psychemon's effects can not be what I want (depending on the state of HP at the time) I only use 1 of each. Regarding the Ultimate Digimon, each of them offer a good attribute to the deck: Mamemon giving an O counter, MetalMamemon giving 1st Attack, and Manzaemon is a good Support who gives 20 DP (meaning 70% of my Digimon give 20 DP). Each of the main Ultimates 1900+ HP and their O moves are 700+ with Triangle attacks of 500+ making them VERY powerful Digimon, especially with the counters and HP recovery offered in the deck. The Agumon selection in the Rookie placement is to mess with the opponent and leave them in a weakened state, while Hagurumon can either be used as DP or can give me a couple hundred HP (since I only need to Digivolve once). Overall, this is my Defense/High Digivolution Speed Deck.
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User Info: Hulkkis

5 years ago#2
I got some gimmick decks mostly.

Eat-up-Hp deck:

Myotismon x3
Ladydevimon x3
Stingmon x3
Bakemon x4
Tsukaimon x4
Aruraumon x3
Black digivice x4
Attack chip x2
Mega Hand x4

Mega Hand + Eat up Hp is quite strong.
Just spam X and stall your way to ultimate.
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