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User Info: zym_world

5 years ago#1
OK, here you can post your deck or just Give your opinion about someOne deck.
Here's Mine

Hypno Crush Deck
2x Zudomon
2x MetalSeadramon
4x Garurumon
2x Seadramon
4x Betamon
2x Gabumon
4x Penguinmon
4x Digimon Grave
3x Heap Of Junk
1x Golden Banana
1x S. Rec. Floppy
1x Cherrymon's Mist
Just Lock O with X, and discard Your opponent and BAM.
No gambling Here :D
i like RPG, but RPG doesn't like me ...

User Info: V-Spud

5 years ago#2
Your deck looks fun. :)

Just got back into the game after several months, so I decided to make a deck that focuses on bringing out the big guns early on while also using cards to reduce the options that the opponent has. It's sort of a beatdown/control mix, I guess.

4x L-ToyAgumon (utility card, works wonders with this deck)
4x ClearAgumon
3x Veemon (Armor Digivolving straight off the bat is always fun)
3x Rockmon (I never use him in battle, just for his discard effect)
4x Apokarimon (too good not to run in this deck)
2x Piedmon (another great utility card, allows for awesome hand control)
4x Download Digivolve (amazing card)
3x Wild Sevens (why not?)
3x Holy Sevens (turns any monster I have into a 1500+ HP wall)

What's the focus of the deck? Beatdown is the main goal here. Download Digivolve lets you instantly go into Apokarimon if you have him in your hand with another Digimon, and opening with him basically gives you game.

Aside from that, the Sevens boost the Rooks considerably. Wild is OP, and Holy is lulzy on its own. It's easy to get rid of your hand with this deck, so L-ToyAgumon is there for killing your opponent's attack points. Piedmon helps, too, assuring that you'll draw more options during your next draw phase.

'Course, I still got a lot to learn with this game again, so I'll be trying out a few different deck builds.

User Info: V-Spud

5 years ago#3
Got another one, decided to be a bit more creative this time.

Impact deck
4x Agumon
4x Biyomon
4x Tankmon
4x Centarumon
3x Bidramon
4x Metal Parts
3x Chain Saw
2x Sup. Rec. Floppy
2x Red Digivice

Deck plays very smoothly. Between the O boosting and first attacks, plus the recovery from Super Floppy, it can easily 3-0 the opponent. I think the only difficulty I really had when using this was in the Igloo City arena, though that was mostly in part of their anti blue/red support cards, so I might -2 something to make room for Cherrymon's Mist, just for the extra disruption power.

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