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User Info: Gamer7625

4 years ago#1
It's been awhile since I posted my decks here and I wanted to see what people were currently using. Here are my decks:

Wolf Pack Deck-An offensive Ice deck built to blow opponents away with raw power and defense.

Speed Digivolution x1
Dark Lord’s Cape x3
Missile Pod x2
Beetle Diamond x2
Mega Hand x2

MetalGarurumon x2
WereGarurumon x2

Garurumon x3
Sedramon x2
Hyogamon x1

Gabumon x2
Otanamon x2
Gomamon x2
SnowAgumon x1
Betamon x2
Penguinmon x1

The inspiration for this deck was the Garurumon Digimon decks and how powerful they were. The options cards build an insane amount of power with little draw-backs, for Ice Digimon anyways.

The Rookies are rather common for the most part. Otanamon, Gomamon, and SnowAgumon each hit a certain attack. Betamon is great for if my HP gets low, while Gabumon is the main muscle and Penguinmon comes with a Counter which combos well with Garurumon or Penguinmon can be good against Fire Decks.

The Champions are phenomenal in this deck. Garurumon is the MVP with his counter and amazing Support which also helps Hyogamon and is the main reason for his inclusion (along with him being the strongest Ice Champion). While Sedramon is a nice balanced Digimon with a great Support in itself.

The Ultimates are rather standard but are a great finish to the deck giving it speed and a huge amount of power and defense.

Santa Teresa Deck-A Nature deck that sacrifices some defense for power, exactly how an Insect Digimon fights.

Devil Chip x1
Missile Pod x2
Beetle Diamond x3
Sup. Recovery Floppy x2
Attack Chip x2

HerculesKabuterimon x2
MegaKabuterimon x2

Kabuterimon x2
Kuagamon x2
Yanamaon x2

Tentomon x4
Salomon x2
Palomon x2
Kunemon x2

I got the inspiration for this deck from battling HKabuterimon and hearing him talk about how Insect Digimon are the strongest of the Green cards. This deck is rather fast and incredibly powerful. It does lack a bit of defense, but it doesn't really need it much sacrificing it for power, which the option cards all support except for the Super Recovery Floppy which is almost a staple in every deck.

Not much to say about the Digimon in general as so few have any Supports but that just makes Missile Pod and Devil Chip's cost less as you aren't losing much.

Corona Deck-A balanced Fire Deck containing the power of the sun.

Speed Digivolution x1
Metallic Banana x2
Dark Bone x2
Sup. Recovery Floppy x3
Recovery Floppy x2

WarGreymon x2
RealMetalGreymon x2

Greymon x2
Birdramon x2
Flarizamon x2

Agumon x3
Biyomon x3
Muchomon x2
Candlemon x2

While Fire decks are bland, this one is still pretty fun to use. The options all give me health except for Metallic Banana which gives me a free hit to deal huge damage to the opponent for half of my low health, which can then be fixed with my Option cards being a great cycle.

The Rookies are pretty common: Agumon gives 300 O power, Muchomon gives 300 Triangle power, Candlemon gives 200 X power, while Biyomon gives 200 to all my moves which not only makes them good Digimon but great Options.

Once I get a Champion on the field I normally don't need to digivolve to anything else due to how good they work with one another. Greymon is amazing as a Digimon or a Fire Champion Support, Birdramon is similar except for all of my Digimon, while Flarizamon is a very quick Digimon to digivolve into and he's pretty powerfully balanced.

The Ultimates are another fun part of the deck but nothing too special. They add power and are great when on the field.
In time even the best things crumble. We can not stop it, only accept
Destruction always comes before Creation!~Lelouch vi Britannia. Lelouch of the Rebellion.

User Info: BerryBob

4 years ago#2
Here's my deck:

Rookie power deck:

4 Biyomon
3 Agumon
3 Palmon
2 Gomamon
2 Gabumon
2 Betamon
2 Salamon
2 DemiDevimon

2 Chain Saw
2 Level Balancer
2 Hacking
2 High Speed Disk
2 Mutant Digivolve

It's a offensive Rookie-only deck. Be careful of its tricky option cards!

Biyomon is very useful to increase +200 of attack power and also to use it's special ability to attack first.
Agumon is good to increase circle's attack power. So it can defeat various low HP digimon.
Gomamon is good to lower the opponent's triangle attack to zero. With the special ability of Agumon/Betamon/Gabumon to lower the circle attack to zero, the opponent can only use the X attack.

The main part of the deck are the option and digivolve cards:
Chain saw is great if you attack first. It can do a One-hit KO easily! But if you attack second and use Chain Saw, you lose. So the player need to be careful.
Level balancer is basically a better Attack chip but only for Rookies. It increases the attack power by 400, so it is also good.
Hacking is the Champion/Ultimate counter: It trades the HP of the players if my level is lower than the opponent. If the opponent have 1500 HP and i have 400, this card can be very, very useful.
High Speed disk zeroes the opponent's attack, but only if you discard 1 card. If your hand is empty, the effect fails. This card is specially good if you use when you attack second.
And finally Mutant Digivolve. You can practically "trade" your active digimon with another. So if your old digimon have low HP, you can use it to trade your digimon so your new digimon have full HP. You don't need to pay DP because Rookie digimon need to pay zero DP to enter the arena.

User Info: Gamer7625

4 years ago#3
Nice deck.
In time even the best things crumble. We can not stop it, only accept
Destruction always comes before Creation!~Lelouch vi Britannia. Lelouch of the Rebellion.

User Info: MasterBiologist

4 years ago#4
Here's my deck.

Guile Deck - A simple Black&Yellow deck. Just as implied by its name, this deck relies on tricks and tactics.

Options (7):
Digimon Grave x2
Shogun's Order
Metal Armor
Chain Saw
Level Balancer

Rookie (17):
Psychemon x2
ModokiBetamon x2
ToyAgumon x2
L-ToyAgumon x2
Hagurumon x2
Wormmon (Shadramon for the Armor Digivolution, O Counter for its X Attack)
Aruraumon x2
Sharmamon x2

Champion (6):
NiseDrimogemon x2
Saberdramon x2

No Ultimates.

The digimons in this deck aren't anything special. The main power of this deck is its support cards (both from the options and digimons).

NiseDrimogemon's support is to foil Garurumon and O Counter, etc. The foe will be using T Attack as a result while you'll be using O Attack (if this is against Garurumon's support effect). Also pretty good if you're facing a digimon with 3x X Attack effect (Angemon, MagnaAngemon, Vi-Elecmon, etc).

Aruraumon's support is flexible. Can be used when using Hagurumon's (or Guardromon's) crash to get back the lost HP. Also a good way to lower the damage that you're going to take from counterattacks.

Shogun's Order is to completely nullify counterattacks (best against Golden Banana as it leaves the foe with 1/2 HP). Also something good when you get the second turn while you can crash and you have higher HP than your foe. Otherwise, this can buy you a little time (just like L-ToyAgumon, though L-ToyAgumon only lowers your foe's to 0 if you have one or less card in your hand).

ModokiBetamon lowers your attack to 0, but makes foe's HP the same with yours. Best to use when you have low HP (and going to be KO'd this turn) or combine it with a crashing digimon.

ToyAgumon discards one random card from your hand, but changes both players' HP to 200. Very handy against quick digivolving deck.

Hacking is excellent when the distance between your HP and your foe's is a lot. It requires you to have lower level than your foe's though. Great against quick digivolving deck.

Psychemon makes your HP the same with your foe. Since this deck has no healing cards (other than Hagurumon's support effect, which isn't really good, this is the only way to heal other than using Aruraumon's Eat-Up-HP effect. Can also replace ModokiBetamon's effect when you want to use Hagurumon's/Guardromon's crash.

Chain Saw is very powerful, but only use it when you attack first and can OHKO the foe, otherwise it's fatal. After this, it's the best if you have a ModokiBetamon, ToyAgumon, Psychemon, or Hacking in your hand. The same applies after using crash too.

Level Balancer gives good power boost to the Rookie.

If you choose to stay Rookie (or maybe Armor) while piling up your DP Slot, Metal Armor can be extremely powerful. The more cards you have in your DP Slot, the more advantageous you'll be.

Sharmamon's support effect halves foe's HP but can backfire as it doubles foe's AP (attack power). You must know who is attacking first and how much HP and AP you and your foe have to avoid the side effects.

DemiDevimon is just to add more power when facing against Nature decks, otherwise send it to the DP Slot or use it for combats. BKGatomon is almost the same with DemiDevimon, unless you fight against an Armor digimon (good support effect).

Saberdramon's support effect is awesome when you're using a Thundermon to counter those that crash. Also, if you're using a Saberdramon and attack the second, use its X Attack and ToyAgumon's support effect to OHKO your foe.

Use Digimon Grave when you don't have any suitable support cards in your hand. With two of this card in the deck, you'll discard 8 cards from the foe's online deck, which is pretty good (especially if you're lucky, you discard foe's good cards).
As cunning as a snake... *sly smile*

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